Ecosse Reference Picture Perfect Ultra Plus HDMI

Ecosse Reference Picture Perfect Ultra Plus HDMI

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Ecosse Reference Picture Perfect Ultra Plus HDMI 

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface ie it combines high-definition video and multi-channel audio in a single digital interface to provide crystal-clear digital quality over a single cable, and the Ecosse HDMI Picture- Perfect™ cables offer the purest signal transfer at prices that will astonish. HDMI outperforms DVI by a fair margin, as the HDMI chips are better at transmitting and receiving than previous generations of DVI chips.


Instead of needing multiple cables for the video signal and multiple cables for the sound signal, Ecosse Picture-Perfect™ Cable integrates all video and sound signals onto a single, thin cable. It makes it trivially easy to connect components together. Now, instead of converting digital signals to analog (to run through the cables) and then back to digital, everything on an HDMI cable remains in its original, uncompressed digital format.”.


  • Ecosse HDMI Picture-Perfect™ Ultra+ and Picture-Perfect™ Ultra cables feature a proprietary die-casting in the front shell of the deep gold-plated connector- this offers increased EMI protection
  • heavy gauge, multistranded, twisted pairs copper conductors-the Ultra+ is silver -plated
  • triple aluminium/mylar + closely-knit braid copper + free-edge aluminium screens
  • double low loss polyethylene and polypropylene dielectrics to minimise losses, especially at higher frequencies.
  • tough PVC outer jacket; od 5.5mm








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