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Atlas Equator Active High Speed HDMI Cable

Atlas Equator Active High Speed HDMI Cable

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Atlas Equator High Speed HDMI Cable 

Atlas Cables are a major producer of interconnects and cables in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. All products are researched, developed and most are assembled in the Atlas purpose built factory in Scotland. Many of these products are unique and use advanced techniques of production or manufacture in order to bring to the user the very finest quality products. With each new model we continue to push the boundaries of reliability and performance. It's little wonder then, that Atlas Cables have had so many mile-stone advances in the past and that Atlas Cables have secured so many awards in comparative tests against other products.

The Equator active High Speed HDMI with Ethernet was specifically designed by Atlas' own digital engineers to deliver optimal bandwidth with the lowest timing transition uncertainty possible, all in a flexible cable that is less than 6mm in diameter. The Equator utilises extensive silver plated OFC conductors insulated by a low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric to deliver fast, accurate signals between source and destination components. 

Its unique parallel lay conductor topology and its precision length matched construction enables the Equator to deliver over 10.2 Gbps of consistent data transmission in an effortless manner over lengths up to 7.0 metres. With triple layer shielded employed to eliminate any contamination of the high speed digital path ways and a die cast metal head shell that not only provides outstanding screening characteristics but a greatly improved retention force. 


The Equator Active High Speed HDMI with Ethernet allows Atlas to extend the cable lengths up to 7.0 metres in the sure knowledge that the signal will not be adversely affected because the Active components reduce the work done by any digital receiver product giving it the best chance to recover error free data from any wide band transmission.

Lower work done by the correction circuit ensures better sound and better video.  



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