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Harmonix TU-812MK2 Tuning Analog Record Clamp
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Harmonix TU-812MK2 Tuning Analog Record Clamp

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Harmonix TU-812MK2 Tuning Analog Record Clamp 

Even the extraordinary advancements in digital sound reproduction of the last decade have not discouraged dedicated vinyl LP fans from continuing to seek the ultimate sound reproduction from analog sources. If anything, turntables produced today are more sophisticated, more reliable, and simpler to use than those of yesterday. These turntables, however sophisticated, must still overcome the main obstacle to producing maximum performance sound from the vinyl LP: the interference of resonance induced by turntable mechanisms employed in the tracking of the complex groves inscribed on the record surface.

Because better cartridges used in a record playing system will more faithfully reproduce source sound, these undesirable distortions caused by vinyl resonance will be heard. Conventional matte and clamp attempt to address this problem by simply pressing the LP down against the turntable in an effort to quiet such non-musical vibrations. While effective in some frequency ranges particularly the low frequencies in fact these clamps or, matte merely trade one set of resonance for another.


New TU-812Mk2 tuning clam has been designed for sophisticated analog music listeners. Mark-2 lends solidity to much expanded and three-dimension soundstage that never ever experienced before, making it not only an extremely worthwhile contribution but a importantly necessity to the art of faithful and exquisite analog music reproduction.

Recommend to use together with TU-800EXi for the best result.

  • Weight:  235g (0.51 lbs)
  • Size:  85mmφ (3.34')  47mm (1.87') Height
  • Color:  Glossy black



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