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Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer
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Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer

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Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer

1 of each Type I and Type S included.

PHT pronounced ‘POT’ is an acronym for “Phono Transducer” and is an evolution of our award winning UEF technology. Available in two distinct strains, Type ‘I’ PHT’s add holographic realism to your recordings while Type ‘S’ are all about focus, clarity, and musicality.

You’ll never forget your first PHT Experience...
To get started with PHT simply apply 1 micro-transduer, Type ‘I” or Type ‘S’ to the top of your phono cartridge or head-shell for an immediate and dramatic transformation. Improvemenets include a lower noise floor, increased resolution and improved bass extension with increased air and soundstaging.

Available in two distinct strains...

Type ‘I’ PHT is called Blue Velvet. Its sound is ethereal, lush and holographic. You’ll definitely ‘trip out’ the first time you experience your system on Blue Velvet!

Type ‘S’ PHT is called Purple Haze. Its sound is focused, precise and musical. The first time you listen to your favorite records on Purple Haze you’ll hear information you didn’t know existed, presented in a precise musical way.

Owning both Blue Velvet and Purple Haze PHTs is like having two state-of-the-art cartridges costing thousands of dollars each, for the price of a good stylus pressure gauge!

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