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Synergistic Research Electromagnetic Circuit Transducer (set of 5)
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Synergistic Research Electromagnetic Circuit Transducer (set of 5)

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Synergistic Research Electromagnetic Circuit Transducer (set of 5)

Synergistic Research’s latest implementation of their Uniform Energy Field Technology, better known as UEF, has resulted in a new product designed to balance close proximity electromagnetic fields in electronic circuits. The product is called the Electronic Circuit Transducer or ECT. These tiny devices, approximately the size of the previously reviewed HFT (High Frequency Transducer), are placed on D to A chips, fuses, near vacuum tubes, capacitors, transformers, op amps, and analog and digital cables.

The ECTs can also be placed on the exterior of the chassis to improve the electromagnetic environment of the component. Synergistic Research states that high frequency noise is reduced with a resultant drop in the perceived noise floor. Compression of the sound is decreased with application of these devices on your electronic components. Improvements in clarity and definition, along with soundstage size and air, are claimed to improve with use of the ECTs. The ECTs convert ultra-high frequencies that are found with RFI-EMI circuit board component emissions to more musically consonant frequencies.

Synergistic Research is presently applying the UEF technology to many of their older products as well as newly introduced ones. I have previously reviewed the UEF Active Tuning Circuits (see review), the XOT Crossover Transducers, the Galileo LE USB cable (see review), and the HFT room treatment devices (see review) that have successfully implemented the UEF technology.

“Synergistic Research’s new ECT-Electronic Circuit Transducers are based on the same technology found in Synergistic Research HFT High Frequency Transducers and XOT Crossover Transducers. UEF Technology cleans up high frequency noise that otherwise distorts harmonics in the music signal. When UEF technology is applied to electronic components or to analog and digital cables, you hear a lower noise floor, higher resolution, and a significant increase in soundstage air with improved mid-range clarity and improved low frequency control for more natural holographic sound."

Ted Denny III, Lead Designer at Synergistic Research

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Synergistic research ect
Tuesday, 11 December 2018  | 

Super plus de détaillé dans le son plus net meilleur basse et sur tout il est ni dur ni agressif !! C'est incroyable trés trés satisfait de mon achat je conseille fortement

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