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Audio Suspension ASU-100 SE Turntable Wall Mount
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 Audio Suspension ASU-100 SE Turntable Wall MountAudio Suspension ASU-100 SE Turntable Wall Mount 

Audio Suspension ASU-100 SE Turntable Wall Mount

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Meticulously designed to provide isolation from unwanted resonance,

Audio Suspension ASU-100 SE Turntable Wall Mount

Standard Shelf Dimensions : 550mm X 450mm  Special sizes available upon request.

With many manufacturers recently seeing increased sales of their turntables and record sales of both new and used vinyl showing healthy increases, the turntable is as popular as ever.

However turntables can be tricky to set up and get the best sound from. One of the key elements to getting the best from your analogue equipment is to ensure it is on a sturdy base, protected from unwanted resonances, knocks and bangs. One of the best ways to do this is to use a wall mount, which will ensure it is isolated from all those clomping feet and wobbly floor boards.

Many wall mounts can be ugly looking bits of metal and glass which don’t show your pride and joy to its best. Audio Suspension believe a wall mount should be both functional and beautiful, which is why they designed the ASU-100 wall mount.

The ASU-100 Special Edition features all the original award winning qualities of the standard ASU-100 but with frosted edges, remote controlled, multi coloured LED back lighting and an inset spirit level. 

The ASU-100 Special Edition is a stunning rack for your turntable and Hi-Fi equipment that enables you to change the colour of its lighting to match your equipment, your décor or your mood. The non RF remote control enables you to remotely change colours brightness and modes of the lighting. Choose a specific colour or even let it slowly blend through its fantastic array of colours. 

The ASU-100 Special Edition is the ultimate wall mounted Hi-Fi rack to show off your treasured equipment at its very best. The ASU-100 Special Edition shows that HI-Fi racks don’t have to be bland and boring.

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