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Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Transformer
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 Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation TransformerEdwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Transformer 

Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Transformer

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Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Transformer 

The Edwards Audio ISO1 is a mains isolation filter suitable for use in most hifi systems. It is a multi stage design, which combines an isolation transformer with DC blocking and earth line filtering. It is designed to be connected to only one item at a time, to provide true galvanic isolation and prevent cross contamination between items. It is suitable for most items that draw less than 40 watts, which will include most turntables, CD players, DACs, phono stages and pre amplifiers.

We have always been a believer that the best sounding mains filtering is done with isolation transformers, but they are normally very expensive and heavy. However the ISO1 is a very reasonably priced and compact design (170mmx88mmx166mm) that is sufficiently poweful for most source and pre amplification duties. Naturally the sonic benefits will depend upon the item it's connected to, but invariably there will be a reduction in grain/hash, an improvment in tonality and even a perceived increase in dynamics (unlike most other filters that appear to squash dynamics). We highly recommend this filter whatever the price/quality of the hifi system you use it with.


Please note this item has a maximum power rating of 40 watts, always ensure that the item to be connected does not draw more than this figure. This figure will normally be stated as 'maximum power consumption' on the rear panel of the item, or in the instruction manual. If this information isn't available it is possible to measure an items power consumption by using a simple plug in power monitor. 

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