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Ecosse Reference Speaker cables

Ecosse Reference Cables are designed to provide a family of sound and a straightforward upgrade path. Every Ecosse cable is lovingly designed to max the performance of your system in fulfilment of your listening experience.

Ecosse loudSpeaker Cables consist of either woven multi-stranded or 'solidcore' conductors which are insulated then twisted, (twisting the conductors greatly reduces capacitance and inductance) in a precision helix, laid in a substantial bed of cotton yarn, bound with paper and surrounded in a soft PVC sheath. Conductor material may be Super-Monocrystal™, Monocrystal™, Ultrafine™ or UHP-OFC.

Very simply, with each cable upgrade 'noise' is progressively reduced which helps the overall performance of your system and your listening/watching enjoyment.

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