Ecosse Reference The Executive Digital Interconnect
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Ecosse Reference The Executive Digital Interconnect

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Ecosse Reference The Executive Digital Interconnect

Designed to bridge the gap between our multi award-winning ‘Producer’ and proprietary Monocrystal™ ‘Director’ digital interconnects, the high performance 75 Ohm co-axial ‘Executive’ Digital high-quality-low-cost is equally at home between DVD and processor or transport and DAC.
In review, What Video Widescreen had this to say: "Overall, construction quality is excellent-here's a cable that's built to last. And our review sample certainly delivered the goods when used to feed 5.1DTS and Dolby Digital soundtracks."
It is vital that quality digital cable closely matches the ‘characteristic impedance’ (75ohm) of the digital signal- this being the most important concern of digital signal transmission. Of near-equal importance is ‘capacitance’-which must be kept as low as possible. The topology of '‘The Executive” digital interconnect is carefully controlled to match these required specifications.
This cable is screened with Conductive–PVC and a close-lapped braid of UHP-OFC™, which ensures optimised, maximum bandwidth transmission and minimum RFI/EMI/ESI ingress. We employ braiding here to ensure maximum coverage. This increases the random closing of gaps and greatly reduces signal 'leakage', as it also improves the 'ground', thus preventing current flow. Current flow in a 'ground' can be detrimental to the digital signal. 'The Executive' low-capacitance digital interconnect faithfully preserves the integrity of the signal, whether soundtrack, music or picture.

Fitted with our superb MACH1 double screened, constant impedance plugs, which use silver-plated (for faster smoother digital transmission) copper - not inferior brass as used by most of our over-priced competitors conductors.

Unique Feature
A unique feature to this, or any mid-priced interconnect, is the recent introduction of a 'sandwich' dielectric of superior low-loss Polyethylene in addition to its ultra low-loss Increased-Air (best earth-bound dielectric) Gas-Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Dielectric. We also introduced a softer low density PVC jacket which affords a greater immunity to microphony.

'The Executive' Digital Interconnect is the one to beat at this price and may be specified with our MACH1 BNC.

Click here for a more in-depth discussion of digital signals.

Please make sure you match it appropriately, cable wise.

The Ecosse Advantage
The terminations at the ends of cables-PARTICULARLY DIGITAL CABLES- are part of the transmission path and therefore vital to it. They must not impede the delicate audio signal as inappropriate termination on a digital cable changes the so called characteristic impudence (and other electrical attributes) of the cable. Where a digital signal is concerned, the audio industry has set a standard of 75ohms, but this can be severely compromised by poor, ‘compressing’ RCA plugs sometimes to as low as 35ohms.

Ecosse are the only company in the world offering ‘non-compressing’ copper RCA plugs on our inexpensive premier/premier+ analogue, digital and video interconnects.

To maintain continuity and optimum conductivity, their contact points are made from OFC copper - same as the conductor wire itself (don't be fooled by inferior yet similar-looking brass plugs as used by some of our competitors, these are cheap and nasty!) Both centre pin and the return conjugate bracket (designed to form a 'Faraday Cage'- a device for reducing RFI) terminals or shells are (silver over) direct gold hard-plated (others use 'flash-gold' plating which is a very thin coating that wears away very quickly and soon looks tarnished-you have been warned!). The plug casing is precision machined from highest quality copper alloy and is deep-plated. This thick casing offers further shielding - effectively a second 'Faraday Cage' - and reduces the ingress and radiation of EMI, ESI and RFI 'noise' even further, to virtually zero.
The interface of shells and casing is one of high mechanical impedance, dissipating energy and rendering microphonic effects negligible.

These shells are designed to perform a 5-fold function:

They provide a terminal to which the return/screen conductors can be firmly crimped and soldered.
They incorporate tiny teeth that grip the cable firmly and evenly around its circumference without compressing the cable and thereby maintain the cable's characteristic impedance right up to the solder joint.
When assembled, they form a Faraday cage, screening the signal right up to and including the RCA socket.
They form a union of high mechanical impedance with the outer casing, dissipating energy and therefore rendering the plug immune to the effects of microphony.
They firmly locate and clamp the centre pin's polypropylene dielectric, which, in conjunction with the outer casing, results in a strong, stable and extremely durable structure.

Technical Specifications

UHP-OFC™ signal conductors

Close-lapped UHP-OFC™ braid and Cond-PVC screen

 Rope-lay woven signal conductors

Ultra low loss Low-Density Foamed Polyethylene dielectric

Vibration-absorbing low density PVC sheath

8.5mm circular o/d

Available in pvc-red or black-sheathed

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