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AudioQuest Optilink-G Digital Optical Cable

AudioQuest Optilink-G Digital Optical Cable

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AudioQuest Optilink-G Digital Optical Cable 

Over the past 25 years, AudioQuest has a well-earned reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional video and audio cables globally. Audioquest have used the finest materials and highest levels of manufacturing perfection to develop an outstanding range of cables, they are designed to maximise your audio and video experience.


The sound quality of all the channels, whether two or five or more, depend on one cable to deliver an undistorted, smooth, clear and dynamic performance. You get all this with the Optilink-G at an affordable price.

Corruption of timing information, known as jitter, is the main distortion in digital audio. Imperfections in an optical fiber scatter the light information. The light then takes many different paths within the fiber, each path having a slightly different length. This smearing of time information leads to misinterpretation of the digital data, eventually giving you sound with less clarity and more irritation.




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