Atlas Mavros S/PDIF Metik 3.5mm - Ultra RCA
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Atlas Mavros S/PDIF Metik 3.5mm - Ultra RCA

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Atlas Mavros S/PDIF Metik 3.5mm - Ultra RCA

  • Please note that the picture is a guide only - this listing is for a cable with only one RCA termination.

The Mavros 75 Ohm cable follows logically from Atlas creating an outstanding analogue interconnect, the Mavros Ultra RCA. The Atlas design team has developed a cable with extremely precise transmission and termination standards, incorporating the same microporous PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric insulation as the other Mavros interconnects.

The centre conductor is comprised of a monofilament conductor and 18 strands of super pure copper wire insulated by a thin layer of microporous PTFE. This new dielectric behaves almost like the theoretically perfect insulator –free air – with minimal effect upon the signal being transmitted. The previous highest performance insulator, solid PTFE, has a dielectric constant of around 2.1 whilst the new PTFE (Teflon™) foam improves this figure to around 1.5, providing for a 30% greater signal velocity and better signal integrity, particularly in the area of high frequency timing and stability.

The co-axial double shielding layers are an aluminium Mylar™ foil followed by OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) braiding after which the whole cable is protected by a PVC jacket damped with cotton yarn. With a termination impedance of almost exactly 75 Ohms at 1 MHz and a low conductor-to-conductor capacitance of around 50 pF per meter, the Mavros digital interconnect perfectly matches consumer digital audio equipment to ensure error-free transmission of high speed digital signals.

The result is evident in the timing and dynamic range of musical performances where the temporal ‘smearing’ of lesser cables simply disappears.


  • Construction : Co-ax (1/0.7 Monofilament + 18/0.14) 
  • Material : Silver Plated OFC 
  • Dielectric : Microporous PTFE (Teflon™) 
  • Screen : Braid OFC with Al Mylar™, 100% 
  • Capacitance : 54.35 pF/m 
  • Inductance : 0.230 µH/m 
  • Resistance : 0.065 Ohms/m 
  • Impedance : 77.43 Ohm at (1MHz) 
  • VOP : 0.81 
  • Outside Diameter : 8.5mm

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