AudioQuest Coffee 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Interconnects
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AudioQuest Coffee 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Interconnects

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AudioQuest Coffee 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Interconnects

Double the amount of silver is included in the AudioQuest Coffee Digital Coaxial cable over the Carbon range which is a brilliant way of getting close to the performance of solid 100% silver interconnects but for an affordable price. Users of high-end DACs and CD players or even top-shelf soundbars will be most likely to hear a noticeable rise in sonic results. 

AudioQuest keep things simple by getting the basics absolutely right and simply increasing material quality through their many ranges. It's a brilliant eco-system which is hugely successful and gives you great trade-in value if you ever improve your equipment and wish to upgrade your cables in the future.

This excellent cable is finished with 'hanging silver'-plated RCA plug terminations. First, ultra-pure red copper plugs are submersed in melted down 100% silver, a superior technique over the mass batch process of electroplating plugs. You'll first notice the gorgeously gleaming plug finish, normally to achieve such a shiny plug you plate a nickel barrier layer underneath silver or gold. A huge added benefit with 'hanging silver' is it being immune to blackening and discolouring unlike gold or nickel. The plug is then 'cold welded' - a technique that avoids solder-type connections which can disrupt a signal's path and introduce a new metal to the equation. 

Shielding is also important on digital cables so AQ provide maximum shield coverage with special attention paid to the metal quality to ensure the the conductor is well shielded from interference but also the return path. Coffee features a foil and silver-plated braid for shielding.

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