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ORB Jade 2 USB DAC - Headphone Amplifier

ORB Jade 2 USB DAC - Headphone Amplifier

Meet the demands of audiophiles

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JADE-2 will produce a pure audio sound that will bring your music listening to new heights.



ORB Jade 2 USB DAC - Headphone Amplifier

The new ORB Jade-2 is a superbly made DAC with a wealth of features and high specification to meet the demands of audiophiles and headphone audiophiles alike.

No matter if you use it as a stand alone DAC for your audio system, or connected to your Computer for use as a high-end headphone amplifier, the Jade-2 will meet your needs and then some!

Unlike many DAC manufacturers, ORB have taken a different path by not using the same old DAC chip seen in other DACs, instead they are relying on a Japanese made DAC chip from Asahi Kasei, and this chip can handle data rates up to 24bit/192kHz. Which means, the optical and coaxial inputs are 24bit/192kHz capable, and the USB port 24bit/96kHz.

Along with the digital inputs, there is a line level input to feed a legacy device into the headphone amplifier, and a headphone amplifier capable of driving 16Ω-600Ω headphones with ease.

Finally, the USB port on the front panel can be used to playback music files from a USB stick, with capacities reaching the sky these days, the ORB can be your only music source as well.





  • AKM AK4396 24/192 chip

  • 24/192kHz for SPDIF coaxial and toslink inputs

  • 24/96kHz USB input

  • Load Impedance of Headphone Amplifier 16 ~ 600Ω

  • Input Sensitivity / 2V/47kΩ impedance

  • Rated output:

    • 16Ω load, 1100mW + 1100mW

    • 32Ω load: 560mW + 560Mw

    • 64Ω load: 280mW + 280mW

    • 300Ω load: 60mW + 60mW

    • 600Ω load: 30mW + 30mW

  • Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz +0 dB,-0.5dB, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • USB 0.018% total harmonic distortion below, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • 0.018% or less optical, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • Coaxial below 0.018%, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • RCA 0.004% or less, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • S/N over 127dB Hi, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • More than 120dB Dynamic Range, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)

  • 0.1Ω Output Impedance

  • Headphone output (standard stereo jack 6.3mm)

  • Dimensions 238W × 317D × 96H mm

  • Weight approx 4kg





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