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HRT Music Streamer PRO-USB DAC - Sale!
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HRT Music Streamer PRO-USB DAC - Sale!

Fully Balanced HRT Streamer PRO USB DAC. One of the finest DACS available

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HRT Music Streamer PRO- USB DAC

The Fully Balanced HRT Music Streamer PRO USB DAC is One of the Best Sounding Available!


The HRT Music Streamer PRO is a high performance USB DAC music interface that allows your computer and your high-end audio system to become perfect partners. With its unique topology the Fully balanced Music Streamer PRO provides a completely isolated path between the computer and the audio system.


No more contamination of the analoue signal by the computer environment; no matter the situation, the results will always be their best. The fully-balanced Music Streamer Pro USB DAC is one of the best USB DACs we've heard!.You'll need a B-Bus USB Cable to connect the Music Streamer II to your system,.There are no external power supplies to worry about because the Music Streamer Pro derives its power from the USB bus while completely regenerating power for all its internal needs using a sophisticated set of proprietary circuits.


Operation is simple: just plug the Music Streamer Pro into any USB port on your host computer and the Music Streamer Pro will install itself and be ready for use in a matter of moments. Connect the other end into any Balanced Analogue Input and you are ready to transfer extremely high quality computer based audio.Full support for both adaptive and asynchronous transfer modes assures that jitter performance exceeds that of conventionally connected (bi-phase) converters. The Music Streamer PRO provides full support for any application via the native audio path on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The Music Streamer PRO is the perfect USB DAC offering portability, noise isolation and ultra high performance in a single mission product. If you expect nothing but the best sound from your computer based music files, then the Music Streamer Pro is an essential component 


NOTE: The Music Streamer PRO requires a special mini-XLR fully balanced interconnect. We carry custom terminated Cardas Audio cables and adaptors for this purpose 

Making it possible to use your Music Streamer Pro with any audio system. Please see our Interconnect Cables section (Custom Cables and Adaptors)



Electrical Full Scale Output: 4.5 Volts RMS (TiniQ XLR)
Output Impedance: 200Ω (balanced)
Frequency Response: (20 Hz / 20 kHz) * 0dB / -.6dB
Noise Floor (DC to 30 kHz) 9 μV RMS
Noise Floor (A-weighted) 8 μV RMS
S/N Ratio (DC to 30 kHz) 114 dB
S/N Ratio (A-weighted) 115 dB
THD+N (1 kHz FS) .004%
USB to Audio output isolation: > 20MΩ
    * - .3 dB @ .48 FS for any sample rate up to 96k

Data Rate: up to 96 kbs
Bit Depth: up to 24 bit
USB: Type 1.1
Power Requirements: 350 mA (USB Buss

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