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Heed Audio Obelisk DA v2.3 DAC

Heed Audio Obelisk DA v2.3 DAC

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Heed Audio Obelisk DA v2.3 DAC

Now with Asynchronous USB up to 192kHz/24bit utilising the XMOS USB Audio 2.0 chipset.  

The Obelisk 'da' is our multiple input, remote-controllable flagship Digital-to-Analogue converter, with five inputs: two S/PDIF (one RCA, one BNC), two TOSLINK and one USB. Two outputs are available, one with 1.25V output voltage as direct connection from the converter, while the other one is boosted to 2.5V by a dedicated preamp section similar to the analogue circuit of the Obelisk 'pre', making it an ideal source for fans of passive pre-amps.

At the 'da's' heart lies the Dactil v2.3 DAC card, based on a Wolfson D/A chip and a Cirrus receiver, and is capable of 24bit/192kHz high resolution signal processing. A deceptively simple module with excellent musical qualities, the Dactil 1.2 utilises the Obelisk 'da's' 'no compromise' approach, featuring entirely independent supply rails for its analogue and digital sections.

The 'da' is not only the ideal complement to our Obelisk 'dt' compact disc transport, it will also extract the very best from any digital source: computers, media servers, DAB tuners, satellite boxes, etc. And its modular DAC card and USB interface upgradeability assure future-proof enjoyment for many years to come.


Input format (RCA/BNC):
Input format (optical):
Input format (USB):
O/P level (direct out):
O/P level (buffered):
O/P impedance (buffered):
Frequency response:
THD (0dB, 1kHz):
S/N (A-weighted):
Max consumption:
Dimensions (WxHxD):
Max 192kHz/24bit S/PDIF
Max 192kHz/24bit TOSLINK
Max 192kHz/24bit USB Audio 2.0
3Hz - 21kHz (+/-0.2dB, 44.1kHz)
22 x 8.5 x 36cm
Gloss black


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