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Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD, SACD & DVD Enhancer

Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD, SACD & DVD Enhancer

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2004 & 2005 Positive Feedback Brutus Award Winner! 2004 Stereo Times Publisher's Choice Award Winner!

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Bass will be deeper and fuller, yet more precise and distinct. The upper ranges will be extended and less harsh.


Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD, SACD & DVD Enhancer

The Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer improves the picture quality of DVDs significantly and enhances the sound quality of both DVDs, SACDs and CDs!

Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer cleans and de-statics DVDs, SACDs, and CDs. It removes any release film from the disc and has an optical enhancer that renders the plastic transparent so the laser can correctly read the information on the disc. This means you see and hear what was recorded instead of the error correction system’s interpretation of it. Note: Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer is safe for regular SACDs. Do not use on SACDs that have a gold external tint.

What To Expect With DVDs and CDs

On DVDs, Ultra Vivid will improve both picture and sound. Look for a cleaner, sharper image. Colors will be more alive without harshness or brightness. Look for a sense of depth to the picture. Distances between foreground and background objects become more realistic. Also, listen for sound effects to be more distinct and focused. The audio will have dimensionality and sounds will appear to move across the soundstage. With Ultra Vivid, you will hear more of the music that is on a CD. The sound will be clearer and more focused. Bass will be fuller, yet more precise and distinct. The upper ranges will be less harsh. You may even hear parts of the music you never heard before.





One 4 oz bottle,

• 8 wipers

• 3 applications pads, and

• Instructions


Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer is safe to use on regular SACDs. There are a very few SACDs that have a gold external tint. These SACDs specify that no cleaner should be used on them. We recommend that you not use Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer on these.


Ultra Vivid CD and DVD Enhancer is guaranteed to please. If it does not perform as promised, return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. You have nothing to lose!

Product Reviews

"...retrieve(s) more information from your ...CDs, and DVDs than you will have ever heard or thought possible...." - Keith Jarrett, world-renown musician!

"the best optical enhancer that I've found..." - Positive Feedback Online

"...simply the best thing that I’ve found in many years of trying various digital surface treatments; I’ve gotten to the point of not playing an SA or watching a DVD without applying Ultra Vivid. Other products may be good, but Ultra Vivid rules the roost." - Positive Feedback Online

"the reformulated UV (Ultra Vivid) is great stuff...I've already begun treating all my favorite discs....When murk is begone, clarity makes an entrance. Guaranteed, if you use these products, you will get more..." - Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 30 March 2007

"Music from discs 'enhanced' by Vivid was simply more vivid than before. The music came from a darker background, with less noise, and as such was more energized, with more detail, articulation, and musical enjoyment. I would not say that there were any tonal shifts, though the treble had a bit more life and clarity. On DVDs, the sharper images and brighter colors were real eye-openers. DVDs gained a look that was reminiscent of film. Movies were much more involving and realistic. This is a no-brainer. Buy some." - Dave Clark, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 4

"Get me a Doctor! This stuff works!!!...After applying Vivid to the recording, the outtake became scarily "vivid" and palpably alive...I nearly came out of my chair and applauded; for a moment I felt as if I were there...Nothing comes closer to turning your regular CDs into little sonic holograms than does Vivid. Recorded sounds turn into physical events happening before you...And does it work on DVDs. Better picture, better sound, better everything - A keeper." - Martin de Wuld, Bound For Sound Issue 143

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Brings the WOW out of digital
Saturday, 16 April 2022  | 

Amazing transformation for my c.d. collection ~ can't say enough about this product, you have to hear it to believe it!

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Ultra Vivid CD
Tuesday, 27 October 2020  | 

The cleaning and sound enhancing effect is good as promised. But the application of the fluid is unsatisfactory and the written instructions vs. the video by Mr.Walker himself show different ways to apply the fluid to the disc.

It is impossible to get a certain number of drops out because the opening is to wide and the fluid is spread all around the top of the bottle. If you drip 4 drops on the sponge following the written instructions part of it is sucked up in the sponge before getting on the surface of the disc. So you have to drip it directly on the disc as shown in the video by Mr.Walker himself. So better watch the video instead of following the instruction otherwise part of the precious fluid is lost. And the manufacturer should change the opening of the bottle to allow exact dosage of drops.

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A revelation
Thursday, 28 January 2016  | 

Just read the claims they make about this stuff - can't be true, can it? YES, absolutely.
One of my great complaints about CD sound is graininess and "fat" splashy esses. I've spent years trying to over this, but Ultra Vivid has improved has all but erradicated the problem.
But its more than that - more 3d soundstage, deeper, easier to follow bass lines, darker silences, cleaner high frequencies, and a generally more listenable, dare I say, more analogue sound.
It aint cheap, but its worth every penny!
Just one thing, when the instructions say to apply the solution with "light to moderate" pressure, I'd go with light to avoid any light scratching. But that's my only (very slight) criticism. Well, that and that nobody told me about this years ago! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Walker Audio Vivid
Wednesday, 9 September 2015  | 

I really like this product, compared to other disc cleaners, this product works on another level, and I've tried a few. Whereby other cleansers are designed to remove the "release agent" on the disc, vivid accomplishes this and optically polishes the surface to enable the laser head to read the bits more accurately, thus reducing jitter.
The result is just as Walker describe in their product information, higher resolution, etc. I heard a similar result akin to an interconnect or digital cable upgrade. A very worthwhile purchase, recommended

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Great performance
Tuesday, 18 February 2014  | 

This CD treatment is surprisingly effective in improving the sound of CDs and pictures on Blu-Ray discs. Easy to use.

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