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Kontak Audio Contact Cleaning Fluid
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 Kontak Audio Contact Cleaning FluidKontak Audio Contact Cleaning Fluid 

Kontak Audio Contact Cleaning Fluid

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Kontak Audio Cleaning Fluid

  • Complete with 4 long contact cleaning brushes.
  • 32ml (1.1 fluid oz bottle supplied)

"The proof is in the listening. We cleaned my CD player leads and sockets, then the speaker plugs and terminals. On playback between each step, it was audibly more transparent. I heard greater inner detail, as if I'd just upgraded to another price level."

"For the cost of a couple of CD's here's an improvement akin to spending a few grand."

            -Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Ken Kessler

A very effective and relatively low cost way of upgrading your sound - Kontak fluid is intended for use on all the connections , plugs, sockets in your system.

The fluid removes dirt and oxidation from the surface of the connection allowing better passage of current - The potential to improve sound is huge - especially in multi box set ups such as active systems - a small amount of Kontak onto all Phono plugs, Mains plugs, 4mm plugs, Spades, just a couple of times a year can produce a very impressive improvement in clarity and detail levels.

A Dirty World

In an ideal world the perfect electrical connection would exist when the two parts of an audio or video connector act as one. The junction between the two contact surfaces would then present no barrier to electron flow and signal integrity. The result- a perfectly reliable transfer of music and film.

Back to reality, where all electrical connections are inherently imperfect. Being machined apart and never fitting exactly, contaminates develop and cause oxidization. Worse, connectors are often machined and the silicon oil used in the manufacturing process is left to dry on. Then tored in a box for maybe months before reaching you, it is easy to imagine the results, and that's with new equipment!

The Solution

Kontak is an advanced cleaning solution (CFC-free) originally developed for military applications. Kontak completely removes all traces of contaminates on any connecting surface. And the new formula comes in a single bottle, making application simple.

What's New?

Talk to specialist retailers and up until now they have not recommended cleaners. The reason­ residues left by the fluid itself, encouraging oxidization and corrosion to form rapidly and eliminating any positive benefit the cleaner may have had.

Kontak leaves no residue on the surface of the connector.

The Result

Once Kontak has been used the contact resistance between connectors drops to virtually zero, enhancing signal flow. The subjective benefits gained from cleaning a system with Kontak are: improved bass response, enhanced low level detail and transparency, and a greater sense of dynamic range. The more connections cleaned with Kontak throughout an audio / video system, the greater the result.

What The Papers Say

"The difference, believe me, was palpable. The easiest way of describing the sound, fatuous though it might seem, is to say it was cleaner." "The soundstage seemed a little wider and a little deeper, and everything had pulled into sharper focus, string instruments have more bite, the piano notes becoming tighter, losing any slurring or smearing of definition."

            -Hi-Fi Review, Ian Rankin

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The best contact cleaner
Thursday, 3 September 2020  | 

I've been using it more than 20 years with great success. Applied every 6 months.

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Great Product
Saturday, 30 May 2020  | 

Great stuff, and Analogue Seduction is a great dealer to purchase from. Highest recommendation!

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Sunday, 30 June 2019  | 

I have used this product every six months for several years now.

The first time I used it, there was a fantastic improvement in the sound produced by my system. Subsequent cleanings with Kontak all produced very worthwhile improvement, though not on the same scale as on the first occasion.

I had previously used Deoxit, but have found Kontak to produce better results. It is also much easier to apply.

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kontak cleaning fluid
Thursday, 11 April 2019  | 

A very good product indeed even on extremely clean connections such as phono sockets, interconnects, mains plug gold pins etc this product works a treat in my opinion certainly in my highly revealing system better than a component upgrade. pity it took me 20 plus years to bite the audio bullet to try this product but as they say better late than never give it a go and be surprised.

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For once, the reviews out there are spot on...
Friday, 27 April 2018  | 

Believe the hype about Kontak, I would never be without it.
When your system is due for a clean up, use this wonderful stuff to scrub up all contacts in the chain - Be prepared to be very surprised on powering up of how much more transparency and fluency there is to your tunes.

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delevery experience
Sunday, 15 April 2018  | 

The first bottle came well packaged though the lid must have been very slughtly loose and half of contents had leaked out. Shop were happy to replace and 2nd bottle arrived with a third of the contents leaked out. So received a tad more than a full bottle.

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Sorry to hear of these troubles, we have since improved our packaging for these to stop this from happening again.

Easy to use and effective
Friday, 22 September 2017  | 

About the same effectiveness as my previous method but much easier and it is lasting well to date. Also not much needed.

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Kontak Cleaning solution
Wednesday, 23 August 2017  | 

I purchased and have used Kontak Cleaning Fluid, and I'm happy to say I was surprised and very pleased with the obvious improvement. In fact I want to buy some more!

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Kontak cleaning fluid
Sunday, 26 March 2017  | 

Highly recommended product. Lets you easily clean any audio contacts. Pipe cleaners that are provided with it are very useful and can reach narrow places like micro usb sockets etc. Music sounds a bit clearer and more emotional after cleaning your system with this fluid.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016  | 

I liked my Kontak and it was easy and painless to use.
To explain: having all the windows and doors replaced in the house meant dismantling the hi-fi and hiding it away. After all the dust has settled, and reconnecting all the various parts of my system - amplifier, CD Player, record deck with phono preamp, streamer, speakers etc, I thought it a good idea to clean the electrical contacts.
But what with? An internet search showed Kontac had good reviews and was one of the cheaper options. It even came complete with pipe cleaners!
Just under twenty pounds for what, by the smell of it, is not a large amount of iso-propyl alchohol may seem expensive, but it did the trick and the pipe cleaners showed a gratifying amount of black gunge after use.
Does the system no sound better? Possibly, so I was happy with the results.
I would have given five stars if the instructions had told mr what it was and included more pipe cleaners!

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