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Chord Signature Plus Tonearm Cable 90 Degree to 2 x RCA 1.2m
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Chord Signature Plus Tonearm Cable 90 Degree to 2 x RCA 1.2m


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Chord Signature Plus Tonearm Cable 90 Degree to 2 x RCA 1.2m

Chord Signature tonearm cable is a high quality cable for your turntable, designed to carry to fragile, lower than "line level" signal from your tonearm to your phono stage. In contrast to a standard (and often unshielded tonearm cable) which can often pick up interference, this cable is designed to deliver a pure signal, allowing you to enjoy the best sound from your turntable

The Signature Tone Arm cable will work with any tone arm that will accept a 90 degree SME tone arm plug. It’s a pseudo-balanced design with the shield terminated in a way that will minimise any interference to very high frequencies. 

This cable will make improve the performance of almost any turntable it is connected to. Whether you are running a moving coil or moving magnet cartridge, the cable will dramatically improve levels of detail and dynamics.  


This cable is custom built  and features Chord's world renowned shielding technology and high quality conductors. The cable is finished with bespoke acrylic RCA plugs and SME/Furutech connectors.


The Signature cable  is fitted with the industry standard SME tone arm connector. This will fit any compatible tone arm, the cable termination method makes for a tone arm lead that is easy to install and route. This makes the Signature Tone Arm lead particularly well suited for use with suspended turntables. 
Chord precision-machined acrylic plug surrounds are fitted, along with silver-plated, ultra low mass signal and earth/signal return surrounds.

The Signature Tone Arm lead can also be ordered with BNC plugs replacing the RCA plugs.


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