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Chisto Easy Groove Enzycaster
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Chisto Easy Groove Enzycaster

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Chisto Easy Groove Enzycaster

Enzyme record cleaning concentrate

Ultimate pre-wash solution Makes 1 Liter. Extra dirty records really exist as Jazz, Blues records of 40s and 50s or records stored in dusty places for decades. They need a special treatment as a pre-wash before your average cleaning procedure. Enzymes come to help. But we spent a lot of time to find very effective and also very safe, very green ( biodegradable) one to protect our nature also. Use it as a pre-wash before your normal cleaning.


Mix bottle content with 900 ml (1:9) of warm ( 40-45 ºC) distilled water. Follow your machine instructions but increase processing time. Solution is effective within 4-5 hours

What is included:

  • 100 ml natural spray bottle

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