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Musical Fidelity M6 24-bit 192K CD Player Silver Fascia (Pre owned)
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Musical Fidelity M6 24-bit 192K CD Player Silver Fascia (Pre owned)

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Musical Fidelity M6 24-bit 192K CD Player Silver (Pre owned)

Pre owned in nice clean condition, 2010 model,  few marks pictured. Complete with original accessories.

The Latest Evolution of Digital Technology

The M6CD is the latest evolution of Musical Fidelity's high performance digital range – and what an evolution it is. Talk about your quantum leaps forward. The M6CD has a very high quality 24-bit, 192 kHz true upsampling DAC, which has outstanding linearity, ultra low noise, very low distortion, along with ruler flat frequency response.

But that's just the beginning of the machine's impressive capabilities. Once again, Musical Fidelity hatches an idea that is so naturally brilliant, you have to wonder why you don't see this level of functionality in competitive players. Yes, the M6CD is a CD player. But it is also useable as a top quality DAC for other digital sources.

It Excels As An Outboard DAC, Too

As Musical Fidelity sees it, once you have created a very high performance DAC for a CD player, it involves a relatively low cost to add three extra digital inputs so that the digital-to-analog circuitry can be used as an outboard DAC. Given a reasonable quality digital stream, the M6's DAC will make a huge measurable improvement to the performance to any source.

The M6CD features separately selectable SPDIF and optical inputs to allow other sources such as digital radio, DAT, etc, to take advantage of the top quality up-sampling digital-to-analogue conversion circuits. This will free up analog inputs on the amplifier that you use with the M6CD and also allows you to obtain the absolute best in audio quality from the digital source.

Top Quality CD Loading Mechanism

The M6CD consists of a top quality CD loading mechanism with unsurpassed playability and a top quality up-sampling 24 bit digital-to-analogue converter. This moves the digital artifacts to well outside the audio band, allowing easy removal without detriment to the top end of the audio band. The well-tuned filtering circuit creates immeasurably small jitter, noise, and distortion artifacts, allowing astounding imaging, detail, and transparency. It will deliver all musical types exactly as the artist originally intended.

Separately Selectable USB Input

There is also a separately selectable USB input which can be used with any USB equipped computer to create a great sounding 'multimedia jukebox' capable of many hours continuous and unrepeated playback of audio media files of any format. Because the signal is sent through the same up-sampling process as before, the sound quality is immensely improved over the poor quality output of the computer's analog circuits.

The M6's sonic quality is smooth and sweet. There is no harshness. In addition to the excellent image, you'll experience great spatial recovery and huge dynamic range.

Although the M6CD will excel when integrated into any quality hi-fi system, it is specifically designed to be partnered with present and future M6 series products. This combination yields one of the best musical playback systems available at any price.



Output Impedance 50 ohms Balanced or single ended
Output Digital 0dB level XLR 4.4V rms balanced
RCA 2.2V rms, single ended

Dac circuit 24 Bit Delta-Sigma (bit stream) dual differntial 8 x oversampling.

Line level 1 pair RCA & 1 Pair XLR

Digital Outputs 1 RCA Coaxial SPDIF
1 Toslink Optical connector

Digital Inputs 1 RCA Coaxial SPDIF
1 Toslink Optical connector

USB Input USB type “B” (square) socket

Weight 11.2Kg

Wide 440mm
High Inc feet 125mm
Deep including terminals 385mm


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