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Cyrus CD Xt Signature CD Transport - Quartz - Ex Display
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Cyrus CD Xt Signature CD Transport - Quartz - Ex Display

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Cyrus CD Xt Signature CD Transport - Quartz - Ex Display

Please note image shows this player in Black, this listing is for this product in Quartz finish.

audiophile CD player (transport) using advanced disc reading technology.

"The best we’ve ever made" 

Over the years, owners of Cyrus CD players have appreciated the difference our engineering principles can make to their listening pleasure. The CD Xt Signature is the very pinnacle of CD playback technology. Every instrument, every nuance of every recording is laid bare, with absolute clarity. Put simply – this is the best.

Our in-house designed mechanism extracts every ‘bit’ of music data with the lowest possible noise (using our proprietary ‘servo’ technology). The Xt Signature is a ‘transport’ with only digital outputs. It connects to either of our integrated amplifiers, or a dedicated pre-amplifier as part of an audio ‘separates’ system.

The Xt Signature is a dedicated ‘Transport’. That means it outputs the pure digital signal, and needs to be connected to an external DAC (which most of our integrated, stream and pre amplifier products contain). By focusing purely on this single task, we are able to dedicate and focus every single internal electrical component to this – resulting in the cleanest, most pristine signal possible.


Two separate power supplies provide huge reserves of power, which eliminates the need for a PSX-R. The sound produced by the CD Xt Signature is truly stunning, providing a room filling wide and high soundstage. The sound of the CD Xt Signature played through a DAC XP Signature and two Mono X 300 Signatures is really something to experience.

Advanced filtering throughout the circuitry of our most advanced audiophile CD player ensures its huge power supply doesn’t interfere with the sound you hear.

This allows the Servo Evolution software (which has been updated specifically for this product) to work with high precision, pulling huge amounts of data from your disc without adding or taking away anything from the music itself.


Among many component upgrades, an advanced loader has been chosen for this audiophile CD player, with LED disc detection technology for better detection and loading control.

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