Keith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning Machine
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Keith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning MachineKeith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning MachineKeith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning Machine
Keith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning MachineKeith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning Machine

Keith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD-DVD Cleaning Machine

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Keith Monks Prodigy Vinyl Record-CD- DVD Cleaning Machine


The new Keith Monks Prodigy is a superb cleaning machine and a worthwhile investment for anyone with a cherished collection of vinyl.

John Pickford, Long Live Vinyl 2020

The Keith Monks Prodigy is a neat and practical solution to the age-old problem of cleaning vinyl. With a lot of history behind them, the brand has refined their techniques and the Prodigy is a functional machine that does its job whilst not looking out of place in your home.
I would say it is for audiophiles who like to be quite involved with the cleaning process but want their machine to look nice too and not sound like an aeroplane taking off whenever they use it.
Linette Smith, HIFI PIG

The way the professionals do it, miniaturised.

Breaking the price barrier for Precision Record Cleaning, the Prodigy record cleaning machine provides a super effective way to clean records as well as your digital discs! Perfect in even the smallest home or store, the Prodigy is simple to operate, speedy and ultra-silent in operation.

Universal Disc Cleaner

Now the world's cleanest discs are not all made of vinyl! The Prodigy is the first electric cleaner for both analog records and 5" digital media. The Prodigy washes and vacuums all of your discs: 12”, 10”, 7” Vinyl Revival plus CD, DVD, Blu Ray, games, data and more!

Keith Monks Prodigy runs 12V for use worldwide. The Prodigy is simple speedy and silent in its operation, making it living room friendly.

Threadless Point Suction

Keith Monks Prodigy is the world’s first point suction cleaner with NO buffer thread for nozzle!, It has an enhanced 360 degree fluid pickup: double the fluid pickup for even drier records. 

eco-friendly, with style.

The Keith Monks Prodigy has a living room friendly, eco friendly compact bamboo cabinet and hardware. Natural is No Compromise: bamboo is naturally low resonance, noise absorbing, anti-static, moisture resistant, robust, hard wearing, and blends well with both traditional and modern decors. The all naturaly bamboo finish of every unit is unique. Coupled with attractive diffused RGB LED illumination, the Prodigy really is totally unique in its design.

Why Precision Cleaning ?

The Prodigy's precision cleaning technique alleviates worries from wet pads or build up of oils in fluid tanks - the only cleaning process that guarantees Zero Recontamination - every record, every time. Precision cleaning technique used by the Prodigy is famously quiet in operation, at home and in store - won't disturb your house mates, customers - or you!

Enjoy listening to the record you just cleaned - while cleaning the next!

Why a Keith Monks ?

Keith Monks, the original inventors of electric record cleaning, have been experts in the restoration and preservation of all records for over half a century. Keith Monks use the State of the Art process, developed with the BBC, and trusted by the world’s greatest archives. This is the only system approved by the British Library and US Library of Congress. 
Unlock and reveal the true sound and high value hidden deep within your record grooves. Transform your system and listening pleasure with a sound filled
with warmth, quietness, and awe inspiring clarity. Restore and preserve ALL your precious records - new as well as vintage - to Archive Standard.


  • Cleans records as well as digital discs
  • Super Silent operation
  • Smallest 55 x 22cm / 21" x 9" footprint
  • Both sides of an LP cleaned in under 5 minutes
  • Gentle, precise, safe cleaning - one turn at a time.
  • Eco-friendly bamboo cabinet
  • Remote-controlled RGB lighting


  • Keith Monks Eco|Roller microfibre washing wand in retractable ergonomic matching bamboo tube case with lid cap
  • Keith Monks discOvery 33/45 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid, 250ml for around 100 LPs
  • Rubber turntable spindle clamp for record label, also doubles as CD-DVD-Blu Ray adaptor
  • 45 adaptor ring for 7" records
  • IR remote handset for interior RGB lighting with auto/manual colour selection (and if you prefer, Off button !)
  • Premium high power 12V in line power supply with IEC socket and plug in UK mains lead (can be substituted with any regional mains cable fitted with IEC for worldwide use)
  • Robust protective bamboo lid dust cover for main unit.
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Keith Monks Prodigy
11 January 2021  | 

Does what it says on the tin ,is easy to operate with easy instructions on line (YouTube ,Keith Monks website) and at least to me looks elegant and sturdy at the same time so so far I'd say kudos .

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Game Changer
10 December 2020  | 

This is an outstanding product. The change in the way a record sounds is unquestionable. Layers of sound reveal themselves after cleaning. This is my first RCM but I owned a Knosti Disco-Antistat before this - the difference in outcome is night and day. The way records sound after a cleaning with the prodigy is exciting. Voices are revealingly defined and the musical depth and range of the production suddenly emerges and this makes for thrilling listening. You hear anew.

The product is well made. It is odd that there are no instructions but also arguably refreshing in its simplicity.

It is fairly noisy and I wouldn’t recommend cleaning and listening for the ears but I would recommend buying one if you desire a hi-fi upgrade that makes you want to play all your records again. It is a quietly miraculous and immediately addictive device.So much fun. Listening to ‘Avalon’after a clean was breathtaking; the rhythm and pace of the recording shone.

There are caveats - you are not sure how much liquid to use, or how long the brush will last, or when you should clean or replace it. The remote control is flimsy and ‘silly’ - its not a piece of furniture but a functional device. The attached plug feels a little like an afterthought and doesn’t fit as snugly as I would like.However,I like the way it looks and what I like more is the way it cleans a record.

Mine was an Ex- Dem product but there’s nothing second class about the record cleaning. It just works.

My experience is that you will feel hugely excited by what this machine does. It’s looks, not without charm, are secondary to its performance. It enhances every record that you own.That’s a satisfactory outcome and makes this worth every penny.

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Fantastic record cleaner; some rough edges in initial user experience
26 November 2020  | 

It certainly takes a little bit of a leap of faith to pay £800 for a cleaning machine (for me anyway) but here's my initial critique after cleaning several records, both new and those up to 50 years old

1. There are no instructions included in the box but there is an instruction video on YouTube. I happened to come across this by accident - a link in the box would have been helpful.

2. The improvement in sound quality in older records is truly transformational. Of course they've had years of dirt build up and mine have never had a proper clean but, wow!, they never sounded so good. For new records the difference isn't as noticeable but you would expect that, and I am convinced by the argument that it removes manufacturing residue thereby giving the record the best start in life, and protecting an expensive stylus. At around 35p per clean it's cheaper than a PVC cover for your cherished record.

3. The bamboo construction will no doubt split opinions. For me it makes the machine still look a little like a prototype and being natural wood, of course, there are small blemishes. Also the bamboo arm feels a little lightweight in a construction sense so time will tell how it fares over many years. Again however, after speaking to the team at KM, I'm convinced that the core of the machine - the bits you don't see - are built to last so it's more of an aesthetic consideration.

4. The method of using the cleaning fluid straight from the bottle isn't very elegant, in fact it's a bit hit and miss because of the nozzle on the bottle and usually results in too much expensive fluid being used or getting some on the label. I therefore got some 5ml pipettes from eBay for next to nothing which helps enormously both in terms of reducing waste and accurate application.

5. Lighting - the remote has to be pointed pretty close to the machine, it won't work from a normal "TV remote" distance.

6. Rather than the bamboo "coffin lid" I'd have preferred the option of an acrylic dust cover. It would look better in my opinion and also enable the lighting feature to be shown to best effect. Although some may see the lighting as a little gimmicky I like it.

7. An additional wand / brush would be helpful. The brush does pick up quite a bit of fluff / dust from the record before the machine does its deep clean. I'm not even sure where to buy one as I can't find them anywhere.

In summary then, the aesthetics might not be for everyone and there's a bit of smoothing needed to the transition from prototype to retail from a user experience, so I've (perhaps unfairly) docked a star for that. But if you want superbly clean records for what is ultimately a fair price then you will be delighted. Hifi enthusiasts are generally happy to pay about the same price for a power upgrade for a turntable or a phono stage, but making the actual record the best it can be surely has to be the best upgrade for the price.

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