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Musical Fidelity MF200b Balanced Headphones
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Musical Fidelity MF200b Balanced Headphones

Purchase the Musical Fidelity V90 BHA Headphone Amplfier and these headphones together and save £50.00, see here for more

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Musical Fidelity MF200b Headphones 

The new MF200b is the balanced brother of the standard MF200s.  The 'b' option allows use of the new Musical Fidelity V90 BHA Balanced Headphone Amplifier to give a truely incredible headphone experience.

The MF200s benefit from a redesigned enclosure both inside and out. New, more inert materials have been used to help prevent reflections and standing waves, which Musical Fidelity says results in a "more natural sound".

Specially selected and paired 4cm drivers have been punched from a single sheet of material to achieve a constant thickness - a feature designed to let the 'phones to be "neutral and accurate", while providing a "flat, wide frequency response and very low distortion."

While the MF200s are primarily a closed-back design, the cans feature a series of vents to help recreate a more spacious sound; a common feature of open-back headphones. 

A combination of machined, polished metal and soft-touch leather have been used in the construction of the MF200s, which also feature the now-signature ear piece colouring to denote left and right channels.

Both ear pad options feature memory foam inserts. 

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