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WireWorld Speaker Cable

Speaker cables may be the most misunderstood audio components. Many believe that using heavy gauge speaker cable is all that is necessary for superior sound quality, which is simply not true. Using thicker conductors only reduces the amount of amplifier power lost as heat (resistive loss), while it actually increases the electromagnetic (inductive) loss that causes most of the degradation that we actually hear from cables. Clearly, an optimal speaker cable would minimize both resistance and inductance to preserve as much of the original sound as possible.

Everyone knows that magnetic force varies with distance, so it is not surprising that the positive and negative conductors of a cable need to be very close together to minimize electromagnetic loss.

Our straightforward design process ensures that all WireWorld speaker cables provide the highest fidelity for their cost, which varies dramatically according to the quantity and quality of materials contained in each cable. Those material upgrades enable each step upward in the line to let more music through, which is our ultimate goal. Isn’t it yours?

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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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