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Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC
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Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DACMass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DACMass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC

Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC

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Manufacturer:  Mass Fidelity

Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC

Relay is more than a Bluetooth receiver; it’s also a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), the electronic device that converts digital ones and zeros into sound you can hear. Inside Relay is a legendary Burr-Brown 5102, a costly DAC usually found only in top shelf audiophile home audio and home theatre systems. Relay’s Cirrus microprocessor decodes aptX, a superior performance digital audio codec used in later-generation smart devices (particularly Android OS). This combination of advanced hardware and firmware preserves all the musical detail, dynamic range and full bandwidth response that elevate digital music from a mere collection of notes up to emotion-packed artistic expression. Don’t settle for only half of your music’s performance with cheap, low-fidelity Bluetooth receivers.

The best ways to enjoy your Relay include, accessing streamed music services such as 'Spotify and Pandora' on your smart device, play music files locally stored on your smart device through your audio system, play audio stored on a networked or cloud-based music library, attach to self-powered loudspeakers for a simple but high quality wireless audio system, choose and control music send to hard-wired remote speakers, connect relay to multi-channel home theater systems to broaden the choice of music sources, choose and control music while you wander freely from room to room and use your brwoser to read about the artists while you listen to their music.


Why Bluetooth?

With the vast array of wireless audio options such as Airplay, Sonos, Roku and countless others, why did we choose Bluetooth especially when Bluetooth has a reputation for poor sound quality and limited operating range? Fair question. Every modern smartphone, tablet and laptop is Bluetooth equipped so it affords instant compatibility for millions of people. There is no need to own or be within range of a wireless router. There’s no need to synchronize playlists and accounts between devices. There is no need to download an App to make it work; in fact it only takes 1 minute to set up and start playing music. Bluetooth is a familiar technology to millions of people so it is not intimidating and difficult to set up, as are the router-dependant systems. The surging popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers attests to the public’s enthusiasm for the technology’s convenience.


Long Range Wireless Performance

The Relay employs the latest technologies and superior components such as the ultra low-loss connector and external high gain antenna to ensure consistent, glitch-free performance for 10 meters (30 feet) or much more. (The range is dependent on the number and materials of obstructing walls).


Relay Wireless Bluetooth DAC Range


Noise free sound

You want to be able to enjoy great sounding music and run the microwave, don’t you?  Of course you do. Low quality wireless audio speakers and systems are prone to picking up noise generated by home appliances, other wireless devices and fluorescent lights. Relay’s linear low noise, low-dropout regulators and superior input noise filters reject signal noise and interference from the outside world while its Triple Star Ground circuit geometry eliminates any possibility of ground loop induced hum. Question: Why does my wireless audio system hum? Answer #1: It doesn’t know the words. Answer #2: It’s not a Relay!

Other Features

  • Bluetooth personal-area network DAC
  • Makes any audio system wireless
  • Takes only 1 minute to set up and start playing music
  • No wireless router network required
  • Ultra-fidelity professional grade digital and analog components and circuit topology
  • Easy pairing – no app required
  • Party Pairing™ makes it fast and easy to switch between Bluetooth devices 
  • Turbo Pairing™ saves time to re-pairing




Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz +/- 0.02dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 112dB
Dynamic Range: 112dB
THD: -93dB
D/A Converter: Burr Brown 5102, 24 Bit
Input Power: 5 Volts DC, 1A
Output Voltage: 2 Volts RMS
Compatible Power Systems: 110-240 Volt
Bluetooth® Module: aptX® enabled CSR module
Bluetooth® Range: 10 m; 30 ft.
Supported Codecs: aptX®, SBC, A2DP, AAC
Antenna Maximum: VSWR 1.6 : 1
Antenna Peak Gain: 2.2dB
Enclosure Machined: aluminum
Dimensions: 115x100x36 mm; 4.6” x 4” x 1.4” (LxWxH)
Weight: 380 g; 13.4 oz.


The Relay is compatible with any device supporting Bluetooth® streaming, whether it's a laptop (Mac/PC), tablet,or smartphone, and with all music lockers and all subscription services.

  • aptX® support
  • SBC codec support
  • A2DP support

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