Van den Hul The White Beauty Special X-HO - MC Moving Coil Cartridge
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Van den Hul The White Beauty Special X-HO - MC Moving Coil Cartridge

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Van den Hul The White Beauty Special X-HO - MC Moving Coil Cartridge

Our top model custom handbuilt phono cartridge, featuring matched crystal copper coils and 2.25 mV/channel output.

The WHITE BEAUTY Special-X HO is a resolution improved High Output version of the GRASSHOPPER IV GLA, which refinements were only possible to be created after having switched to the entirely metal free and extremely revealing The THIRD ® loudspeaker cable in Mr. van den Hul’s audio system.

The WHITE BEAUTY Special-X HO’s refined body is made of white PolyCarbonate with about the same construction as the GRASSHOPPER IV GLA. The WHITE BEAUTY Special-X HO sets new sonic standards in analog reproduction.

Listening impressions are like being in the concert hall with a very precise projection of the instruments, the acoustics and even the conductor in space. The music as a whole sounds extremely realistic and very convincing with a lot of authority, especially in the bass and lower midrange; the high frequencies are very pure and extremely nice structured.

The differences with the GRASSHOPPER IV GLA are:

  • Improved magnetic layout, -construction and -properties.
  • A reduced cantilever length.
  • Due to points 1 and 2 the resolution is higher.
  • The suspension uses a very special damping rubber.
  • There is more “space” between the musical instruments and vocals.
  • The output is increased from 0.65 mV/ch. to 2.25 mV/ch. by using multilayer Matched Crystal Copper coils on a cross-shaped armature.
stylus replacement see (*1)
stylus shape VDH - IS
stylus radii 2 x 85 Micron
frequency range 5 - 65.000 Hz
tracking force 12 - 14 mN
see (*3)
static compliance 35 Micron/mN
tracking ability 70 Micron
output voltage

2.25 mV RMS

channel unbalance < 0.5 dB
channel separation

> 33 / > 28 dB

stylus tip mass 0.32 Milligram
system weight 8.5 Gram
vertical tracking angle 22 Degrees
load capacitance see (*2)
load impedance

47 kOhm

eff tone arm mass 6 - 10 Gram
moving coil resistance

96 Ohm +/- 10%

extra info

(*1): Stylus replacement and other services available on request

(*2): Non critical

(*3): Items produced before October '98: 13.5 - 16 mN

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