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Rega Exact MM Cartridge
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Rega Exact MM Cartridge

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Rega Exact MM Cartridge

The Exact shares the same body moulding as the rest of the Rega cartridge range. This is a one piece body and has no energy sapping joints between the stylus mounting and headshell contact face. The headshell face is machined perfectly flat to ensure maximum contact between cartridge and headshell.

Rega have designed and developed its own coil winding machine. This allows them to manufacture coils in a completely new and innovative way. This means approximately one third less wire is used than in the other cartridges, making the Exact even more efficient than the Elys.

The Exact has a highly expensive non removable cantilever, fitted with a “Vital” diamond tip. This tip fits into the record groove more precisely than the usual elliptical type, allowing more information to be gleaned from the records.


  • Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV
  • Stylus: Vital. Complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet.
  • Fixing: Rega three point fixing
  • Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils
  • Colour: Yellow
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Amazing Rega Exact MM
Tuesday, 30 July 2019  | 

The cartridge body runs very low on the disc, but it sounds wonderful, with a perfect balance and full-bodied and musical sound.
It is not an hyper detailed cartridge, but returns distinct and non-misplaced sounds, in greater detail and with much less distortion than the Elys 2; the difference is obvious: also the last track on the disc is pleasant; we are at another level here.
Great cartridge, at least for my little experience.
I confirm it needs a break-in period to give the best.

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Rega Exact cartridge
Sunday, 8 April 2018  | 

This is my 2nd unit of this cart. Few reasons why I decided to stick with it. It has excellent detail retrieving capabilities. It pairs very well with the RB330 tonearm. Installing it on my Rega Planar 3 also eliminates the hassle of aligning the stylus since it uses 3-point fixing. No putzing around with protractors etc which leaves me with more time to spend on listening to music.

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Rega exact
Wednesday, 7 March 2018  | 

Upgrading elys2 , if you want to cheer up with music and not the instruments go for it , warm,great musicality ,I'm just discovering my albums , I love it , thanks to analogueseduction for your advice and your service .

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Nice upgrade from the Elys 2
Wednesday, 6 December 2017  | 

Lived very happily with the Elys2 for a year or so, but felt my P5 (with the excellent RB700 arm) could use just a bit "better" cartridge. The Exact is just the ticket, providing more top end detail and deeper, fuller bass. The Elys 2 is a really, really good cartridge, but the Exact is worth the extra cash if you've got it to spare.

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Rega Exact
Saturday, 14 May 2016  | 

A great improvement compared to Elys2...very happy with my new cart! Thank you A.S. Great shopping from you!

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Rega Exact Cartdrige
Saturday, 21 November 2015  | 

This has given my old rega planar 2 a new lease of life. Probably more really. Sound stage has expanded separatision of the component parts off the tracks is brilliant with the quite background is superb. One disappointment I paid £5.95 for a stylus proctor which is made off cheap britial plastic. Which for the money should be better.

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Rega Exact Cartridge
Thursday, 13 August 2015  | 

I've used several different cartridges in my life-including an Audio Technica OC9mlii, and a Denon DL-S1-and while different, the Exact is one of the most dynamic and engaging cartridges I've ever owned-highly recommended.

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