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Rega Elys 2 Cartridge
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Rega Elys 2 Cartridge

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Rega Elys 2 MM Cartridge

Rega have just launched two new models, the Bias 2 and the Elys 2. These are improved models of the classic cartridges and feature new parallel wound coils, which use 33% less wire for claimed improved detail retrieval

The Rega Elys 2 was specifically designed with the RB300 tone arm in mind and has a three point mounting system. The sound quality over the Bias is most apparent with the dynamics and separation between various musical instruments. The overall design makes it a perfect match for all Rega Turntables.

Rega entered the cartridge market in the early 80's. All cartridges are hand made by Rega utilizing custom coil winding techniques and ultra high precision moulded bodies. The Rega cartridge is a one piece moulding made of Pocan, a polymer with hardness greater than industrial aluminium.

Most cartridges loose high frequency energy by the movements generated in many joints created in conventional manufacturing. Most cartridges have five or six joints between the stylus mounting and the cartridge/head shell face. Rega cartridges have none! Most cartridges have to allow for large tolerances when manufacturing automatically with a reasonable gap of 0.7mm between the moving magnet and the pole pieces. This gap on Rega cartridges is only 0.25mm, much lower than any moving magnet cartridge we have tested.


  • Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV
  • Stylus: elliptical
  • Fixing: Rega three point fixing
  • Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils
  • Colour: Blue


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Elys 2
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  | 

Have been running the Planar 3 for a number of years and eventually the cartridge needed replacing. Simple to fit and set up and the sound quality is now as good as ever. Speedy service from AS.

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excellent service
Sunday, 1 November 2020  | 

I can only say that Analogue seduction
provided a excellent service, great communication and a competitively priced product.

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Hidden Gem at This Price Point
Tuesday, 7 January 2020  | 

My Elys came standard with my Planar 3. The negative comments and reviews this cartridge has received in some circles are highly unjustified. This cartridge compares favorably to comparably priced Grado and Ortofon cartridges, which are two brands I am familiar with. The Elys splits the difference between the two brands and is warmer and less clinical than the Ortofon but less warm than the Grado. Overall, it strikes a nice balance between accuracy and musicality. I should point out that I use not only a Rega turntable and arm but a Rega Elex-R integrated amp; the Elys is designed to be a perfect match acoustically and mechanically for these components. Contrary to some reports I have read, I have also found the Elys to track well, even at the end of the record. The only slight criticism is that I sometimes get a sense that I am not getting every ounce of detail that is on my records. When this cartridge expires, I may upgrade to the Exact, which I am sure provides that extra detail. Then again, I may stick with the Elys, since the Exact is two times the price.

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Rega Elys 2
Friday, 14 September 2018  | 

I really like it! Highly recommended!

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Excellent cartridge
Friday, 9 June 2017  | 

The Elys 2 is a wonderful cartridge and works very well on my trusty old Rega P5. I've heard many good cartridges in this price and the Elys 2 is as good as any of them. Good service from Analogue Seduction as well.

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Brilliant performer
Friday, 21 April 2017  | 

Rega have a reputation to keep and as far as I'm concerned they still have it by the bucket load. Great cartridge for little money with loads of detail and a great bass to boot. Can't recommend it highly enough. My vinyl is singing again.

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The Cartridge for the Job
Friday, 24 January 2014  | 

I previously had a Nagaoka 110 cartridge on my Rega RP3 turntable. This was very good, with good detail, particularly at the high end. I replaced it with the Elys2, following the stylus being damaged on the Nagaoka. My system (RP3/power supply, Rega Brio amo and EPOS speakers) now feels a bit more full bodied, with a slightly more full mid-range and with a little more bass extension.

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Rega Elys 2 Cartridge
Friday, 1 November 2013  | 

I purchased the head on 20/10 and I received it on 24/10, very quickly.
The "Elys2, what to say, is that I have a good head coupled to the Rega RB250 arm mounted on my old Thorens TD166, the result is a beautiful sound to my ears.
I listen to jazz music, with which it goes well, but when I put on the plate Lou Reed should not be anything wrong. I would say that is a head that adapts to all kinds of music.
Highly recommended for vinyl lovers who do not want to spend large sums, rating 10 on the scale quality / price.
Good buy at all.

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Fine performer across wide range.
Thursday, 15 November 2012  | 

More refined than the Bias, I have done some back to back testing against a 2M Blue too, and found the Elys2 to be less forward and clinical yet more satistfyiing across a wide range of music. For anything other than driving rock the Elys2 is better (in a Rega arm).

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