My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Ex MC Cartridge
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My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Ex MC Cartridge

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My Sonic Lab Eminent Solo (Mono) MC Cartridge

Utilising his may years of knowledge and experience Mr. Matsudaira has produced the Ultra Eminent cartridge with a remarkably low internal impedance of 0.6 Ω, yet a relatively high output level of 0.3 mV giving it an astonishing ability retrieve micro detail as well as possessing a very low noise floor.

This creates an unparalleled and believable reproduction of music, even the smallest details are extremely well defined and “clear”

All this was achieved using very strong neodymium magnets together with the special coil core material SH-μX developed by MY SONIC LAB and a cantilever made of pure boron. The sound of the Ultra Eminent is imbued accuracy, space and ease of performance making it a world class competitor.

“… My first overall impression: intensive music, always absolutely sovereign and effortless …. is the profound groove selection, which allows an extremely deep immersion in the musical structure of recordings, thereby exposing their emotional components. Everything is there from really hearty music reproduction to filigree fine work – this applies to precisely drawn timbres, as well as to dynamic unfolding. My Sonic Lab’s Ultra Eminent is an excellent pickup that can cope with any musical genre without limitation and also provides the “extra” sound quality you expect …. “

An excellent test review in “Hi Fi & Records (Issue 4/16) 


Body: Titanium

Cantilever: Boron.

Stylus: Semi-line contact (3μmx 30μm)

Coils/Core: Magnet: Neodymium magnet with special pure copper core (SH-μX)

Terminal pins: Polished Rhodium-plated

Weight: 9.5g


Output Voltage: 0.3mV at 1kHz

Internal Impedance: 0.6 ohm (DCR)

Frequency Response: 10 ~ 50kHz

Channel Balance: < 0.5dB (1kHz)

Channel Separation: > 30dB (1kHz)


Tracking ability:           @315Hz at 2g tracking force

Dynamic Compliance: 10 μm / mN

Set Up:

Recommended loading: 100 – 800Ω (specifically, about 400Ω is recommended)

Recommended tracking force: 1.9 ~ 2.2g

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