Goldring Eroica H High Output Moving Coil Cartridge
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Goldring Eroica H High Output Moving Coil Cartridge

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True audiophile moving coil cartridge

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Goldring Eroica H High Output Moving Coil Cartridge

The Eroica is a true audiophile moving coil cartridge which features an advanced pole shoe design using a powerful rare earth Neodymium magnet.

This unique construction allows a shortened magnetic path, which helps reduce the amount of iron in the cartridge, keeping the weight down to just 5.5gms.

Rigidity is also of prime importance and the Pocan body of the cartridge enables it to be clamped solidly to the headshell, keeping energy losses to an absolute minimum.

This cartridge uses a Gyger II line contact stylus width a low output. The Eroica offers an exceptionally high standard of performance and reliability.

This cartridge will work into an MM input because of its fairly high output. Those looking for a normal MC should consider the LX version of this cartridge.


  • Eroica H Cartridge Specifications
  • Frequency Response  20Hz-22kHz±3dB
  • Channel Balance  1dB max. @ 1kHz
  • Channel Separation  25dB @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity  2.5mV±1dB, 1kHz @ 5 cm/sec
  • Static Compliance  18mm/N
  • Equivalent tip mass  0.6 mg
  • Vertical Tracking Angle  20°
  • Stylus Radius  Gyger II
  • Stylus Type  Non-Replaceable
  • Load Resistance  47,000 Ohm
  • Load Capacitance  100-500pF
  • Internal Inductance  0.2 mH
  • Internal Resistance  77 Ohm
  • Cartridge Weight  5.5g
  • Fixing Centre  0.5” (12.7mm)
  • Playing Weight  1.5-2.0g (1.7g nom.)




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Sonic Excellence Great Value
02 April 2020  | 

I purchased an Eroica H in 2017. I have owned HO MC cartridges in the past and found them to be an excellent match to my phono preamp (a vintage Paragon System E, all tube unit.) Up until now, my all time favorite were old Supex SDX2000 and SDX3300 units, but that's going back 30+ years. Since then, I've tried a smattering of MC (Sumiko BPS), MM (Goldring 1042) and MI (Grados) but nothing ever quite satisfied. Finally, after a couple of years without anything, I mounted up the Eroica H.

Right out of the box, I was stunned at how simple this cartridge is to dial in and enjoy. The square sides and profile make it easy to align. Goldring claim to individually adjust each cartridge's VTA prior to shipping. All I know is, setting this one level provided immediate imaging and spaciousness! I always begin setup with physical alignment, followed by verification using classic CBS test records from the 1970s. Modern tools including computer-based X/Y oscilloscope views and spectrum analyzers let me verify the cartridge's tracking and especially phase alignment was spot on. Adjustments were simple.

Then it was on to listening to music. The Eroica H is analytical, but that's to be expected from a Gyger (or other line contact) stylus. It picks up clicks and pops from unwashed records, true, but it also picks up detail in the recordings! Initial auditions included Pat Metheny's "Cross the Heartland" from American Garage, and a rare copy of Gordon Beck's "Sunbird". In both cases, I heard details in every part of the audio spectrum, that I had missed in previous listenings. I also broke out my cherished copy of Joakim Kühn's "Charisma". This is a direct-to-disk recording, possibly the only one ever made in Germany. As such, it is EXTREMELY dynamic. Kühn is a piano improvisor whose style is a melding of McCoy Tyner, Claude Debussey and Igor Stravinsky ; modern jazz of incredible power. Over the years, I've used a variety of cartridges and turntables to audition this record, but never before has anything been able to perfectly track the loud bits, and deliver detail and finesse in the quiet parts. And to think, the cartridge is not even been through break-in!

Analogue Seduction offers this cartridge at a surprisingly affordable price. I cannot be happier with my purchase!

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