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EMT TSD 75 Grammy Edition Phono Cartridge
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EMT TSD 75 Grammy Edition Phono Cartridge

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EMT TSD 75 Stereo Phono Cartridge

The Stereo cartridge with ½-inch standard fastening comes with a Gyger S Diamond and in a black wooden casket and is limited to 57 pieces.

In order to celebrate 75 YEARS EMT in 2015, the TSD75 is being introduced and is the latest addition to the legendary EMT Stereo cart line that started its prof. broadcasting life in 1965. The Stereo and or Mono cartridges come with ½-inch standard fastening and diamond- tips in numerous versions.

In addition to awards for the best Recordings, Compositions and Artists, Lifetime Achievement and Trustees (an award for musical achievement beyond performance), the Grammy event includes the Technical Grammy Award. 

This very exceptional but relatively unknown award (Presented by National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences was first awarded 1994) honors individuals and companies that have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.
As Bill Freimuth, Senior VP, Awards at The Recording Academy quoted:

”The Recording Academy recognized that it takes more than sheer artistry to make a great recording. Technical Grammy recipients bring forth technology that expands the possibilities and enriches the experience for both artist and listener.”

This year’s honorees - EMT (Elektro-Mess-Technik) and Dr. Harvey Fletcher, the “father of stereophonic sound” - join a prestigious list of past Technical Grammy Award winners. EMT was founded in Berlin in 1940, originally manufacturing professional measuring devices and Turntables for Broadcast, TV and Recording Studios and since 2006 consumer high-end audio equipment.

In 1957, the company made a huge breakthrough with the release of the EMT 140 Reverberation Unit - the first plate reverb. Upon its introduction, the EMT 140 Reverberation Unit quickly garnered popularity, providing a smoother substitute to spring reverb systems, simplifying the process of affecting recorded sound while providing the engineer with a more versatile and 
customizable interface than acoustic chambers.

These days, equivalent sonic quality and features are provided with plug-ins created by EMT licensee Universal Audio from Scotts Valley, CA, USA.

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