AVID Reference Ruby MC Cartridge
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AVID Reference Ruby MC Cartridge

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AVID Reference Ruby Moving Coil Cartridge

For twenty-five years AVID has pushed the envelope of vinyl reproduction, its turntables now renowned throughout the audio industry and discerning music lovers the world over.

In a world of super expensive esoteric pickup cartridges, AVID's Reference Ruby is not inexpensive but nowhere near inaccessible. 
Not designed to be second best, this cartridge, regardless of cost will sit happily on any turntable and offer a new insight into your record collection.

Employing a 5-axis CNC, the cartridge body is made from aerospace grade aluminium and designed to rigidly couple all internal parts, offering a path for vibration to pass into the tonearm, rather than feeding back to the cantilever assembly, the result being, 'needle-talk' becomes vanishingly low.

This all makes for unflappable groove tracking, reducing distortion and prevents record damage, making all music a pleasure to listen too.

After extensive comparative listening, we decided to use a solid Ruby cantilever. It was actually a total 'no brainer', the improvement in resolution, dynamics, openness, literally everything, left us wondering why others didn't do the same. This even made us question our own judgement, so we evaluated everything again, but so stark were the improvements it made us totally committed to this material.

Super rigid, the longer than usual solid Ruby cantilever leaves no detail overlooked and with less coil windings to reduce cantilever dynamic inertia, subtle details are revealed with breath-taking transparency and allowing lower frequencies to be tight with no loss of controlled. 

Stylus design is essential to ensure good tracking and information retrieval and using our solid diamond Micro Ridge profile ensures vanishing low surface noise, further enhancing listening, especially quite passages and classical music.

The design of the body allows for accurate, easy installation and the extending cantilever allows for precise alignment for optimal sound reproduction and a purpose designed stylus guard offers protection whilst not in use.

AVID has gone the extra mile to ensure the Reference Ruby faithfully reproduces what is contained within those precious grooves, so that you can tirelessly explore your record collection and experience music rather than just listen.




: Moving coil

Output Voltage

: 0.32mV

Frequency Response

: 10Hz-50KHz

Channel Separation

: 29dB/1KHz

Channel Balance

: 0.1dB/1KHz

Tracking Force

: 2.0gr (± 0.2gr)


: 8.5x10-6cm/dyne

Internal Impedance

: 4.8Ω/1KHz

Load Impedance

: >100Ω

Cantilever Material

: Solid Ruby

Stylus Profile

: Micro-Ridge

Stylus Material

: Solid Diamond

Contact Radius

: 3µm x 70µm

Net weight

: 9.1gr


: 200 x 180 x 60mm (WxDxH)

Shipping weight

: 1.0Kg (2.2lb)

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Superlative cartridge
15 July 2021  | 

Having recently purchased a Cadenza Black cartridge I was enjoying the terrific sound this cartridge has but still wanted a little more top end ‘bite’, so when I had the opportunity to listen to the Ruby Reference I jumped at the chance. Sorry to say, but the AVID is a devastatingly good cartridge and comprehensively outperformed the Cadenza Black and also the DRT XV1 T I have also heard. It has spectacular scale, timing, detail and top end clarity, but never strays into stridency. A real no-brainer and please buy with confidence. Also extremely easy to install and not fussy about HTA position. Terrific!

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