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Cartridge Man The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge

Cartridge Man The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge

A modern classic and sonic 'masterpiece'

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Manufacturer:  Cartridge Man

Cartridge Man The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge

The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic is a high end performer that offers several benefits over the MkIII and includes Isolator (worth £83) for free. In contrast to the MkIII, the Classic uses pure silver rather than copper wiring and features a raft of further improvements that raise the musical performance to an entirely new level.

As a Moving Iron (MI) design, the Music Maker Classic features all the musical benefits of a moving coil (MC) cartridge with an output level similar to that of a moving magnet (MM) cartridge. This means you can use the cartridge with any standard moving magnet phono stage. Having heard a fully run in Music Maker MkIII, many critics have been stunned by the sonic improvements possible with the Music Maker Classic, so much so that its been labeled as a modern classic and sonic 'masterpiece'.

Cartridge Man Isolator (Included for Free!)

This is a a unique product which can be placed between cartridge and headshell to provide maximum cartridge isolation. It's so effective in practice that it can reduce the noise floor by up to 50%. Reviewer Geoff Husband commented that it offers 'a significant improvement - without question'. Usually £83, we include one for free with this cartridge.



" ...The Classic’s balance of natural timbre, realistic stereophony, and simply spell-binding replication of the What and How of instrumental playing leads to a musically communicative immersion into the art of the music that is unparalleled in my 34-year history with phono cartridges... (Stereo Times magazine)

... the Music Maker Classic is a true masterpiece. It is a privilege to introduce this wonderful cartridge to all music lovers. It is a classic in all senses of the word. (Hi-fi press reviewer Paul Szabady)


  • Output voltage: 4mV
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 50KHz
  • Stereo separation: >25dB across 10Hz to 30KHz range
  • Loading requirement: 47K Ohm (standard moving magnet)
  • Cartridge weight: 6.2g
  • Stylus type: Proprietary extended contact area diamond
  • Tracking force: 1.55g +/- 0.05g (critical)
  • Arm requirement: Medium to low mass (13g or less)
  • Bias (anti-skate) requirements: Minimal

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