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Cardas Golden Cross Interconnects
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Cardas Golden Cross Interconnects

Indisputably the world's favorite interconnect cable.

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Cardas Golden Cross Interconnects

Top-of-the line Golden Cross interconnects from Cardas may not be the least expensive cables in the world. However, "The Golden Cross products deliver a lot for the increase in price over their less-expensive brethren,


George Cardas packs an amazing degree of advanced technology in this interconnect. Golden Cross features patented Cardas "Golden Section," multi-gauge stranding in helical hex array of golden ratio, constant "Q" conductors. This double-shielded cable boasts 174 discrete pure copper conductors (for a 16.5 awg.) ensuring full-spectrum signal transfer for unbeatable performance.



Patented Cardas "Constant-Q" construction places the smallest of the Golden Ratio strands at the centre of the conductor to reduce stored energy and conductor resonance. Cable resonance is further reduced with controlled propagation, Crossfield construction, matching conductor to dielectric characteristics with carefully computed strand layering. Pure Teflon is used as a stabilizing wrap to firmly bind the conductors, while thin tube walls provide the air dielectric to isolate the conductors from each other without accumulating unwanted energy.

Sonically Colourless


Golden Reference is sonically colourless, making it a perfectly neutral reference cable. It sounds the same at any length, between any components, at any originating or terminating impedance. It lets you hear the sound of your source material, rather than the sound of a cable. "Golden Cross can easily be considered a top-notch performer," concludes Dave Duvall at " Once again, I'm impressed by the Cardas world.









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