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Black Rhodium ACT 1 Speaker Cables
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Black Rhodium ACT 1 Speaker Cables

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ACT 1 Termination:  

Black Rhodium ACT 1 Speaker Cables

  • ACT 1 is the ideal reference cable for those looking to gain expansive natural sound from their system without the price tag of ultra high end cables. By applying the geometry techniques used in our popular Ninja DCT++ speaker cable ACT 1 does just that! 
  • 4  tin plated copper, 1.5mm2 conductors per conductor core, which not only offers ease of use, the single, connection between amplifier and loudspeaker but also delivers good imaging, as well as a clean, tight sound over mid and high frequencies, coupled with a well balanced rendition of lower frequency notes. 
  • Silicone rubber insulation, which offers low dielectric loss, reducing time smearing effects.  This enables accurate portrayal of the attack of leading edges, as well as the natural decays in music.
  • Advanced quality control of the direction of wiring during the production process, delivering superior stereo imaging, as well as lower background noise. 
  • Features an attractive white finish which fits unobtrusively into any background. 
  • Features our exclusive post curing process that removes impurities in the insulation, resulting in smoother sound less prone to harshness in music reproduction. 
  • Available with 4mm gold plated plugs for easy attachment to amplifier and speakers or gold plated spade connectors to suit your own or your systems preference. 
  • Cable manufactured in England, ensuring that we have close, face-to-face contact with the manufacturing and production facilities, and also shows that we support and are proud of British manufacturing.
  • Directional heat shrinks are applied to the attractive jet black sheath. This ensures that you can achieve the full benefits from this directional, aesthetically pleasing cable, due to its ease of use.

 “The cable is very natural and expansive and is very good value.”

            -Mike Statham of Zouch Audio

  • ACT 1 can be supplied with spades or 4mm banana plugs in both single and bi-wired terminations.

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