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Atlas 4mm Rhodium Expanding (Locking) Banana Plugs (Set of 4)
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Atlas 4mm Rhodium Expanding (Locking) Banana Plugs (Set of 4)

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Manufacturer:  Atlas Cables

Atlas 4mm Rhodium Expanding (Locking) Banana Plugs

This plug, like all Atlas products, was researched, developed and designed by us. We developed the Rhodium 4mm banana plug specifically for our Reference range of speaker cables. These are the Ascent, the Mavros and the Asimi. These cables are heavier than other Atlas cables and we were finding with some speakers the 4mm socket fitted could be slack. The weight of these cables could dislodge them.

We therefore developed this 4mm expanding (locking) banana plug to stop the cables from coming away from these sockets.

The plug can be expanded inside the socket to make a tight 360 degree fit, thereby allowing a better plug to socket interface. A full 360 degree contact area offers better information transfer.

The cable angle of entry to the plug pulls it down and not away from the socket, thereby making it more secure.

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