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AURALIC Pre Amplifiers

AURALiC's Sanctuary processor is a joint development with Archwave of Switzerland and based on a dual-core ARM9 structure with 500MIPS per core. It detects the input sampling rate and instructs the Texas Instruments SRC4392 to use one of two crystal clocks (22.5792 for 176.4kHz, 24.576 for 192KHz) for automatic and highest power-of-two upsampling. The DAC chip is a selected 32-bit/192kHz AKM AK4399. Its precision voltage output requires no external I/V conversion. The low-pass filter and output buffer are fully balanced, the RCAs and XLRs individually buffered. Here the parts "are manually selected for highest precision". 

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Page 1 of 1:    2 Items
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