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Auralic Power Amplifiers

AURALIC Power Amplifiers use AURALiC’s distinctive ‘Hybrid Analog Amplify” technology—a circuit topology in which the front end of the amplifier uses the firm’s patented, signature ORFEO class A analogue amplification module to handle the voltage amplification workload, while the back end of the MERAK uses a low-impedance, high-speed switching amplifier module based on Hypex UcD (Universal class D) technology.  AURALiC’s concept, of course, has been to take a ‘best-of-two-worlds’ approach in hopes of giving the MERAK the speed, detail, smoothness, bandwidth, and linearity of a pure class A amplifier, but also the power, efficiency, dynamic agility, and low-frequency control of a fine class D amplifier.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items
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