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Analogue Studio Simple Record Clamp
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 Analogue Studio Simple Record ClampAnalogue Studio Simple Record Clamp 

Analogue Studio Simple Record Clamp

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Analogue Studio Simple Record Clamp


Forget heavy weights; the Analogue Studio record clamp simply pushes onto the spindle, gripping it firmly. The clamp locks the record in place, smoothening out any warps and vibrations caused by the stylus as it traces the groove of the record.

Sonically sound

As most records do not lie flat on the turntable platter, sound reproduction suffers due to undamped vinyl resonances caused by the stylus riding on an unsupported record. The Analogue Studio record clamp solves these problems by ensuring a more intimate connection between the record and the platter.

Designed with you in mind

This record clamp operates by firmly gripping the spindle. The clamp has been designed with upturned edges to ensure the user can easily remove it from the spindle without damaging the record or the turntable.

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