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Van den Hul The Well Hybrid Analogue Interconnects
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Van den Hul The Well Hybrid Analogue Interconnects

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Van den Hul The Well Hybrid Analogue Interconnects

The WELL HYBRID is an extension to Van den Hul's range of general purpose coaxial (single-ended/unbalanced) Hybrid audio interconnects.

The WELL HYBRID’s design is based on our successful The SOURCE HYBRID.

By adding an extra screen, the cable’s immunity against external radio frequency and electromagnetic interference in our nowadays increasingly noise polluted environment has been further improved. This means an even lower and cleaner noise floor, even when using larger lengths; Definition and detail more clearly stand out.
The pearl white jacket is made of our HULLIFLEX ® with the type printing on each 25 cm. (10") to make cutting of specific lengths easy. The external diameter is 8.0 mm.

The core insulation is made of foamed PE to obtain a very low dielectric constant. This directly results into a low capacitive load. For The WELL HYBRID this is 87 pF/meter; a low value!

The centre conductor consists of 42 x 0.12 mm. very pure silver coated Matched Crystal (MC) OFC copper strands with an extra LSC coating; this again to further improve the signal quality.

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