True Colours (TCI) Viper SE Interconnect
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True Colours (TCI) Viper SE Interconnect

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True Colours (TCI) Viper SE Interconnect 

TCI Viper is an overall winner of the HI-Fi Choice interconnect supertest. Fitted with TCI Locking Gold RCA Phono Plugs.

TCI Viper Interconnect has a balanced twisted pair construction with a foil screen covered by a plated braided screen, all wrapped in an outer polyethylene insulation. The screen is either connected at both ends in a fully balanced configuration using XLR connectors or at one end only in a semi balanced configuration using phono or din connectors. In the semi balanced configurations the screen acts as a drain to any externally induced distortion. This avoids the sonically damaging effects on the separate signal earth wire by effectively isolating it from the induced distortion. The audible effect of connecting the drain at one end is rock solid 3D imaging. Also, by not sending the signal down the braided screen, the signal suffers none of the self induced distortion found in either coaxial cables or carelessly terminated semi balanced cables. By using carefully selected materials, Viper Interconnects attain a performance rarely found in Interconnects many times their price. TCI Viper is neutral, dynamic and detailed with excellent imaging.


Key Features and Benefits

- Psuedo Balanced or Full Balanced Construction 

- Locking Plugs option for better connection 

- Twin Screen for excellent RF rejection 

- Low capacitance makes Viper suitable for use as a Pickup arm lead 



- TCI Locking Gold Plated RCA Phono Plug 



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