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Siltech Zero Ohm Link Cable
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 Siltech Zero Ohm Link CableSiltech Zero Ohm Link Cable 

Siltech Zero Ohm Link Cable

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Siltech Zero Ohm Link Cable

Siltech Zero-Ohm-Link — Experience Your Sound System All Over Again With:

Lowered noise.

Improved micro-dynamics.

Improved dynamic range for sound and picture.

Improved bass, mid-range, and treble.

Lowered audible and measured distortion.

Siltech’s Zero-Ohm-Link lowers the distortion in an any existing audio system without modifying the apparatus. The original character of your cable will not change yet the total sound quality will improve dramatically!

How To Use It:

Replace your original cable with Siltech’s Zero-Ohm-Link.

Then, plug your orginal cable back into Siltech’s Zero-Ohm-Link.

Technical Specs:

Built-in ultra high-speed filter (>20GHz), ensuring perfect phase even at extreme frequencies.

The Signature model contains an HPSR™ filter made of a pure 99,9999999% silver crystal.

The ground wire of the Ruby and Diamond are high purity solid silver-gold of G7 technology.

Three product versions: Siltech Zero-Ohm-Link ‘Jade’, ‘Ruby’, and ‘Diamond’ in XLR or RCA terminations.






Ground Conductor

silver- gold

G7 pure silver-gold

G7 pure silver-gold




rhodium / gold

rhodium / gold


Series Filter

G7 silver-gold

one pure silver crystal

one pure silver crystal

HPSR™ filter

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