Rothwell Audio River Interconnects Pair + New Switchcraft Plugs
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Rothwell Audio River Interconnects Pair + New Switchcraft Plugs

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Excellent value and superb in any system

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Rothwell River Interconnects  Pair + New Switchcraft Plugs

Available in 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m

Top quality screening and extremely low capacitance make this cable ideal for use with passive pre-amps, but fortunately for anyone with any other equipment, the performance is superb in any system. 

The reason for this is the high-tec construction and materials employed. The central conductor is multi stranded silver plated copper and the braided earth conductors are also silver plated copper, with PTFE used for the dielectric and FEP used for the outer jacket. 

The military grade construction achieves a very wide bandwidth with high immunity to radio frequency interference, and - most impressively - a capacitance of just 64pF per meter. This is truly top-grade and music reproduction is neutral and transparent and a good sense of acoustic space is revealed. A superb all round performer.

By the way, you will no doubt notice that River interconnects are very thin compared to most hi-end cables and this baffles many audiophiles. How can they be any good if they are so thin? It would be a more sensible question to ask if run of the mill hi-end cables are any good, just because they are thick. The truth is that most of the overall thickness of many cables is just down to a thick layer of cheap insulation and doesn’t guarantee high sound quality, though it does tend to impress customers in the absence of any real understanding of cable. Rothwell Rivers have an outer jacket of FEP - a hi-tec material which is very tough and a superb insulator without the need for excess thickness.

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Have not found better interconnect for SUT purposes
03 September 2022  | 

0.5m version is paired with a Rothwell MCL SUT. No doubt it is vastly superior in hum rejection to other "low-capacitance" interconnects made by other brands. It's not even close.

Interference induced hum that was very audible at -26db volume setting (extremely high gain) is only audible now at -6db volume setting. This is an extreme reduction.

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Rothwell Audio River
29 May 2022  | 

Simple and efficient cable. Low capacitance, good shielding, quality connectors. Transparent neutral sound, neither bright nor dark. What else do you need from a phono cable?

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Transparent interconnects
18 November 2020  | 

These look very different to the usual bulky interconnect cables being very thin.
This is of course a huge advantage when fiddling around at the back of the amp but, more importantly, they sound very detailed and neutral. i.e. they do not add colouration but seem to provide an accurate and honest presentation of the signal input!
Highly recommended if you want a highly musical yet spookily detailed sound stage!

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Rothwell cable
02 August 2018  | 

I am really impressed by this interconnects. I think the sound is very refined without coloring. Thank you Analog Seduction for making me know this product! Michel

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What a pair!
25 February 2018  | 

Pleased with my purchase, these interconnects offer a subtle improvement on my previous Cord Interconnects. Good Value for money would recommend Analogue Seduction for an excellent service.

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Better than Audioquest Quartz 3
23 March 2016  | 

Recently received a free pair with a Rialto phono stage. They are more natural and communicative than the Audioquest Quartz cables I use throughout my system, no mean feat, and I will be replacing all my Interconnects with Rivers. Excellent cable!

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rothwell river cables
02 May 2014  | 

transformed my listening experience from 2 d to 3 d. incredible for the price . made in england

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