Merlin Cables Mozart FE Analogue RCA Interconnects
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Merlin Cables Mozart FE Analogue RCA Interconnects

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Merlin Cables Mozart FE Analogue Interconnects RCA

Mozart is our all new entry level interconnect designed to replace the now finished Chopin Classic. Mozart does this more than capably, keeping the lively musical presentation of the Chopin Classic and adding a quieter background noise thanks to its built in interference rejection.

The Mozart FE increases further on the interference rejection principles and includes a ferrite filter on the cable.  This non intrusive technique helps to further reduce RF and EM interference being picked up and transferred by your cables.

Mozart is constructed using 6 x Twisted HCT & IRC Copper Conductors as seen in the Bach. The conductors are arranged in an alternating configuration to provide RF & EM rejection. Mozart is also screened with Aluminium Mylar foil to ensure no unwanted interference is picked up behind your system.

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