Chord Company Epic Analogue Interconnects
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Chord Company Epic Analogue Interconnects

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Chord Company Epic Analogue Interconnects

Available in RCA-RCA or XLR-XLR

  • New Tuned ARAY conductor geometry – carries a musical signal with a high degree of coherence and detail.
  • Silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation
  • High frequency effective foil and high density braid shielding
  • True balanced conductor configuration.
  • Built by hand at The Chord Company.
  • Fitted with silver-plated Neutrik XLR plugs or Chord VEE 3 direct silver-plated RCA plugs.
  • Available in 0.5m, 1m and custom lengths to order.
  • Tuned ARAY conductor geometry was originally developed for the Chord Sarum cable range.

Tuned ARAY conductor geometry developed for high performance balanced connections.  

Fitted with silver-plated Neutrik XLR connectors .The Epic analogue XLR cable employs a unique multiple conductor construction.  The conductors have been wired to produce the best possible performance via a balanced connection. Epic conductors are constructed from silver-plated multi strand oxygen free copper. These conductors are insulated with PTFE before being surrounded by a specially selected PVC jacket.  This reduces mechanical noise and correctly spaces the high density braid and foil shield, which is effective to high frequencies. This cable is available in custom lengths and can also be terminated with Chord VEE 3 silver-plated RCA plugs. 

This cable is part of the Epic cable range which includes loudspeaker cables and digital interconnects.  Epic cables have been designed to perform together.  However, all Chord interconnects and speaker cables follow a similar design philosophy.  This means that all Chord cable ranges are compatible with each other

Chord Epic interconnects are built to exacting standards and rigorously tested at our UK facility.  Tuned ARAY interconnects require extremely precise construction methods and each cable is built by our team of trained technicians. 

The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration was originally developed on our then flagship Sarum interconnect cables.  Tuned ARAY cables carry high levels of detail and dynamic information and they do so in a way that preserves the rhythmic integrity of the music.  Systems connected with Tuned ARAY cables produce music that is remarkably involving, creating an experience that is enjoyable and emotional.  Tuned ARAY cables allow you to connect properly with your favourite music. 

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Wait for them to burn in!
19 August 2021  | 

After much deliberation over whether to spend over £500 on these Chord Epic interconnects, I finally took the plunge and bought them. I now have the XLR version between my Avid phono amp & my McIntosh integrated amp. First impressions were not very good and I really wondered whether I had wasted my money? However, after about 5 days things started to change, I was starting to hear more detail from my vinyl. A week later, I replaced the Chords with by original VDH cables, and was shocked to hear the difference. Hence the Chords were back in place within 15 mins. I now hear high frequency instruments like cymbals & a harp that were not there before, and the bass is now clear and strong, where before it was muffled. My opinion, they are expensive but well worth every penny, just wait for them to burn in.

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Chord Epic RCA 50cm
03 July 2021  | 

Bought this to replace an ageing Chord Chorus Reference and I'm not disappointed. Straight out the box it was clear that this was in another league above the Chorus Reference. The epic is fitted to my Lehmann headphone amp and the sound has a clearer, more coherent midrange, tighter more informative bass but the upper remains almost unchanged with maybe just a hint of forwardness (depends on what LP I'm playing) . For under £400 this Epic interconnect is a real bargain and well worth the money and it should get better once burned in, Highly recommended.

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Really Good Cable
25 April 2021  | 

After numerous upgrades I have finally found a really good interconnect cable.

Well worth the cost giving a detailed and smooth delivery. Recommended.

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Good for the price
22 August 2020  | 

Very good price / performance ratio. This is my first Chord RCA cable.
(I usually only use Van den Hul cables)

Since I had a limited budget, I decided to buy and test the Epic Cable. I think it's pretty good for the money.

But if you have a bigger budget, I recommend the Van den Hul Hill cable (my favorite RCA cable). I've been using this for 5 years - still unmatched.

But, I claim that the Chord Epic cable is better value for money.
Would buy it again.

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Superb performer
10 August 2018  | 

First of all a cautionary note - I've always been very dismissive of the need to run in cables, but you need to with these.
If you do you will be rewarded with a detailed, musical performance with deep, taut bass lines, extended but sweet top end and a beautifully open, detailed mid range.
I bought these after searching for years to get the perfect sound in my system. I tried wires from Atlas, Chord, Ecosse, van den Hul and others, eventually settling on van den Hul the Orchid. But....they were just too smooth - no oomph. Don't get me wrong they were good, far better than everything else I tried, but when I swapped them for the Epics I was gobsmacked!
Why the hell didn't Chord produce these years ago?
OK they ain't cheap for two short bits of wire, but the improvements they bring make them an absolute bargain.

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18 February 2017  | 

This cable is nothing short of amazing for the price! Thank you Gary, thank you Analogue Seduction for the superb customer service!

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