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Ecosse The Master Reference DCT Interconnects

Ecosse The Master Reference DCT Interconnects

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Ecosse The Master Reference DCT Interconnects

In the right set up, where your system has the ability to resolve ever the finest levels of detail, it will outperform ALL its predecessors.

Drawing on all the strengths - in terms of construction and conductor materials- of our multi-award winning Maestro Interconnect but upping the 'anti' to ensure a cable with an even greater degree of transparency, detail and three-dimensionality you may think would be a hard act to follow, and you'd be right. But succeed we did!

'The Master Reference' shares the same benefits of quality material, construction and termination as 'The Maestro', but now the cable is triple screened; here, the Monocrystal™-Cu signal and return conductors, in a twisted pair topology, are further protected from EMI/ESI/RFI noise ingress by both a Copper/Mylar 100% shield and Monocrystal™ Cu close-lapped braid screens. In addition, modulation effects due to microphony are all but eliminated by cotton fibre filler and the soft PVC outer jacket- and then, to ensure an extremely uniform, refined and dense microstructure with vastly improved mechanical properties, the cable is then deep - cryogenically treated (DCT) more...

DCT treatment is the process of cryogenically cooling a material over a measured period of time. The process is described in these terms since typically temperatures approaching - 200C are achieved, and this occurs over a period extending to days rather than minutes or hours. All stages of the process, from the initial slow cooling to the prolonged soak at minimum temperature, through to a carefully staged return to ambient temperature are achieved with precision measurement, and computer control.

Available in Rca to Rca or Balanced XLR -XLR

If you would like your cables burnt in (Recommended). Please telephone us on 01733 350878

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