Cardas Clear Reflection Analogue Interconnects
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Cardas Clear Reflection Analogue Interconnects

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Cardas Clear Reflection Analogue Interconnects

Reflection is a classic Cardas cable made with our latest conductors.

Reflection is the Matched Propagation version of our classic Golden Reference. The name Reflection pays homage to Golden Ref, and in fact the history of Cardas Audio itself. Its appearance - black with copper trim - sets it apart from the rest of the Clear line, as does its performance.

Golden Reference reigned in the high-end cable industry from 1998 until the introduction of Clear in 2010. It combined the warmth and euphoric midrange of its predecessor, Golden Cross, with greater high frequency extension, transparency, and holographic imaging.

With George Cardas’ development of the Matched Propagation Conductor, which was issued US Patent 7,674,973, the Clear cable line was launched. These cables offer unprecedented transparency, accuracy, and depth of imaging.

However there are those who yearned for more of the classic Cardas sound, along with some of the added clarity & imaging made possible by Matched Propagation Conductors. And others who were running extremely high-end systems in less than ideal rooms, or with speakers with tweeters that glared a bit. For these two groups, we developed Clear Reflection.

“The system in my home is deserving of its own perfectly designed & treated listening room. But we’re a family with an 8 year old in a house without a spare room to devote to audio. So the system resides in the living room, which is an odd shape, with lots of windows. I love how Clear and Clear Beyond perform in world class systems installed in world class rooms. But Clear Reflection just works in my house. We get the awesome performance of Clear, with the added warmth that helps make up for a room that would otherwise be a bit bright.” -Angela Cardas
Technical Specifications:


.450" O.D., Cardas copper, PFA-air dielectric, 2 x 25.5 AWG Clear Reflection conductors, Matched Propagation, Golden section, Crossfield, litz, double shielding, Alcryn jacket.

Termination Options:

Clear Reflection Interconnect is terminated with copper trimmed Cardas SRCA RCA connectors or CG XLR plugs.

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