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Black Rhodium Rhythm Stereo Interconnects
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Black Rhodium Rhythm Stereo Interconnects

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Black Rhodium Rhythm Stereo Interconnects

Bring fast, crisp sound, at a budget price!

  • Cable manufactured in England
  • Coaxial cable
  • Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound
  • Low loss PTFE inner insulation designed for clearer beat and rhythm of music
  • Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process proven to deliver improved sound quality

The Rhythm is designed to be the next step up from entry level interconnects, and through the following processes employed by Black Rhodium will offer significant benefits to your system: 
Silver plated copper 19x0.2mm² stranded conductors, delivering improved clarity to middle and high frequencies, whilst also delivering strong bass and natural balance between frequencies. 
High quality PTFE inner insulation with an exclusive post production process which allows for a faster, clearer beat and a smoother sound, less prone to harshness. 
Silver plated copper braided screen, resulting in superior RFI rejection, ensuring smoother sound and reduction in background noise. 
Advanced quality control of the direction of wiring during the production process, delivering superior stereo imaging, as well as lower background noise. 
Terminated with our own high quality hourglass silhouette RCA Phono plug, ensuring cable is much easier to insert and remove from your system, and performance and reliability of cable is maintained over time due to the design. 
Cable manufactured in England, ensuring that we have close, face-to-face contact with the manufacturing and production facilities, and also shows that we support and are proud of British manufacturing.  


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