Atlas Grun Grounding Adapters
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Atlas Grun Grounding Adapters

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Atlas Grun Grounding Adapters

The Grun Coherent Earthing System provides an ‘independent’ earth for users of Mavros and Asimi Ultra interconnects with the new Grun configuration.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving the performance levels our equipment is capable of is noise. Low levels of RFI (radio frequency) and EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and noise on the signal ground all subtly modulate and degrade the overall noise levels of the system.

Ironically, this is generally only noticeable when eliminated – even though much of this ‘noise’ is theoretically at frequencies beyond the range of our hearing. The main sources are noise in the mains supply and component ground connections – mobile phones, ‘wallwart’ chargers and wifi networks are major offenders – while a percentage is actually generated within the equipment itself. Generally things have got worse with the advent of computer audio.

The Grun Coherent Earthing System addresses these issues by providing an ‘independent’ earth for users of Mavros and Asimi Ultra interconnects with the new Grun configuration.


Basic Configuration

Atlas Grun Basic Configuration

Mavros and Asimi interconnects are now configured with a flying ground lead on each channel. A basic Grun adapter is supplied as standard with these cables, and should typically be connected to a spare RCA input socket on your amplifier.


Atlas Grun Preferred Configuration

The preferred configuration is to create a direct ground, either to the ground terminal on your amplifier (if fitted) or via a Grun mains adapter to a spare socket on your mains distribution block.

Grun Configuration Options

Atlas Grun Configuration Options

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