Gryphon V.I.P Reference Interconnects
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Gryphon V.I.P Reference Interconnects

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Gryphon V.I.P Reference Interconnects

The same uncompromising purity of materials and rigidity of construction found in the Gryphon VIP loudspeaker cable are the key to the effortless transparency of the Gryphon VIP Interconnect.

Most cables tend to display a readily identifiable sonic signature, particularly distorted or hazy high frequencies, the result of a diode effect caused by impurities at crystal boundaries in the conductor. With its virtual single-crystal PC-OCC structure, the Gryphon VIP Interconnect provides pure, open high frequencies with no sharpness or harshness and offers a natural, non-resonant tonal quality across the audio range.

In other cables, mechanical forces typically cause the conductor to vibrate in time to the music, generating dynamic distortion due to the rapidly changing distance between the conductors (microphonics). The audible result is slurring or distortion of the signal.

With full shielding against RF interference and emission and immunity to external vibration, Gryphon VIP sets new standards for tight, articulate bass, solid imaging, full-scale dynamics, superb timing, resolution, speed and tonal characteristics.

Gryphon VIP Interconnect employs large-diameter PC-OCC multi-strand silver conductors with Teflon insulation and air dielectric in the form of hollow Polyethylene tubes wrapped tightly around the conductors. (Only vacuum possesses better dielectric properties than air.) This construction is held in place by a 100% Al-Mylar foil sheath. A drain wire runs between the foil and the braided Oxygen-Free Copper shield. A thick PVC outer jacket encases this substantial construction.

The overkill configuration of the VIP Interconnect ensures optimal shielding from external forces in the hostile territories at the rear of an amplifier, where delicate low-level signals rub shoulders with heavy power cords and cross paths with digital signal carriers, etc. (see VIP M5 presentation).

A tightly wrapped, rigid construction in combination with effective protective outer insulation allows the VIP Interconnect to deliver its best – now and for a long time to come.

Beyond high praise for superb transparency, rock-solid stereo definition and exquisite resolution of micro-detail, it is difficult to assign specific sonic characteristics to a cable that is so supremely neutral and utterly lacking any identifiable “personality” of its own. And isn’t that exactly what you want from a true reference interconnect?

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